Using Tailwind in a multi-day event - Mike Julien

Thursday, 1 October 2015  |  Admin

I don't just supply Tailwind Nutrition I use it mostly in UK ultras but in September 2015 I took 2 x 30 serving bags with me to Utah for the

a 7 day stage race covering 170 miles of deserts, canyons, mountains and dunes in Arizona and Utah.  It was a self-supported race meaning we had to carry all our food for the week together with sleeping kit.

Nutrition strategy  - 1 30 serving bag of lemon and one 30 serving bag of a new caffeinated flavour disguised in a Naked bag


For each evening I had a recovery shake and a freeze dried meal to rehydrate but during the days running/speed hiking and climbing I relied on 2 x 30 serving bags of Tailwind and one packet of peanuts. I was running at a conservative pace keeping my HR below 135bpm to utilise my well trained fat-burning system and to conserve energy for the multi-day event.  For single day ultras I normally take in Tailwind at double this rate.

I was very happy with energy levels during the week, only mistake being just using the caffeinated for 7 hours on Day 5 with made it very difficult to sleep that night. 

Stage 1 - 30.8 miles (1,700ft)- 8'32" - 8 Tailwind Servings

Stage 2 - 26.9 miles (2,400ft)- 8'37" - 8 Tailwind Servings

Stage 3 - 52.6 miles - (5,600ft) 21'46" - 22 Tailwind Servings


Stage 4 - 26.0 miles (2,900ft)- 7'01" - 7 Tailwind Servings

Stage 5 - 26.0 miles (2,800ft) - 7'08" - 6 Tailwind Servings

Stage 6 - 7.7 miles - (2,800ft)  - 7'01" - 4 Tailwind Servings

After 7 days of Tailwind Nutrition there was pizza at the finish line!