Tailwind in practice

How Tailwind has been used in events

Thames Meander Marathon - Mike Julien

Saturday, 7 November 2015  |  Admin

The Thames Meander Marathon was my shortest event for the year to date and being a flat course I decided a fast time could be had (by my standards).  On the assumption I would be out for 3.5 hrs I figured I'd need 6 servings and to save time not having to refill on the move and keep weight down I put 6 scoops into the 700ml bottle I'd be carrying and down cups of water at aid stations.  The weather was very wet and fluid requirements would be low. This is a much stronger mix than I'd normally use but 1 mouthful per hour would get the calories in.

This mix was proved a bit strong for my taste and in hindsight I would've been better off with my normal ultra set up of carrying  2 x 500ml bottles and refilling 1 on the go.

Saturday, 7 November 2015  |  Admin

Had a great day yesterday helped by a 500ml orange tailwind pre race, 500ml caffeinated berry tailwind for the last 15 miles and then another 500ml post race for recovery. Got the dosage and timing bang on, as I didn't use anything else.

 I was just glad to finish yesterday after 2 DNFs earlier this year with a recurring hip injury. To win and knock 10 minutes off the course record (it's a new route from the last time I ran it) was a delightful bonus.