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I'm often asked is Tailwind Nutrition just for ultramarathon runners of would it be suitable for cyclists.  The simple answer is yes as Tailwind was initially developed by cyclists in Colorado, specifically enduro MTB racers who needed fuelling for endurance events.

Prior to a bike accident in 2012 forcing me to switch to ultramarathons I used to spend a lot of time cycling be it training for/racing Ironman events or sportives (up to the 200Km Magnificat)

These were all before I discovered Tailwind Nutrition so no personal experience of long bike rides with Tailwind so I will leave it to others.

Cycling Specific Reviews

Lee Cornish - 22/6/2017

At first I was sceptical about Tailwinds claims, but during two recent events it worked really well. I've recently participated in two sportives using Tailwind. With regards to fueling me through the rides, it's all I needed. I used the caffeinated ones, but did not get the 'jitters' with them and didn't feel the need to eat. No nasty stomach pains either. I've got the 'Dartmoor Classic' coming up in a week, which is 68 miles with 6500ft of climbing. I will only be using Tailwind for this. With Tailwind there's no need to carry excess weight etc. Nice touch with the personal emails and note included in the parcel. Would definitely recommend Tailwind Nutrition.

Bert Pardeans 13/6/2017

Just completed a 2 day bike event (380km - 6000m+) with the use of tailwind. Great feeling - no stomach issues - no dehydration feeling. Thank you Tailwind!!! Bert - Belgium

Thomas Donald 8/6/2017

"So far so good"

First impressions are that this is perfect for me after a couple of 50 mile cycles, mainly because I really struggle with Gels. Ultimate test will come soon as I plan to complete a few 100 mile jaunts.

Liam Kent 7/6/2017


Using on long rides and really noticing the difference, would recommend!

Dougie Tennent - 5/6/2017

After being made aware of tailwind by a work colleague, I cannot believe how good this product is. I am now well into my 2nd order. This has everything, I need for my cycling , tastes great and mixes almost instantly. I am so impressed I have given out a couple of my sachets to members in my cycle club for them to try!! Keep up the good work. 

Wendy Young 2/6/2017

"Multi serving pouch"

This is the first tailwind product I've ever tried and I'm never changing to anything else. It really is all you'll need all day. I've done a couple of endurance swims and several long cycling events and had lots of energy with no dehydration and no sign of any GI distress. Fabulous product and a fabulous service.

Jen Witt 2/6/2017

"Great taste, does the job"

When i was feeling really rough and couldn't stomach anything at all, tailwind is the only thing that kept me going on the ride 100 last year. Since then it is always with me on the bike to see me pushing through those last hard miles. Tastes great, not sickly sweet like some other brands. Best of all it works.

Julie Slack 23/5/2017

"Tailwind was recommended by friends I recently ordered the mandarin orange flavour and used it on the weekend for the 85 mile cycle on the Tour of Pembrokeshire. The flavour is great and not over powering and no stomach problems experienced. Would definitely recommend Tailwind!"

Alistair Banks 19/5/2017

"Easy and effective"

Only just started using Tailwind but it really seems to be good stuff. 2 hour ride yesterday, one sachet dropped in my water bottle and I felt no drop in energy on my ride and I didn't feel starving through the remains of the day. Going to be riding today and not taking any snacks with me!


Jason Steohens 9/5/2017

"Tailwind berry"

After purchasing the stick packs I found the flavours I liked and berry seemed to taste good and not overpowering. I'm a tailwind user from now on as 112 miles through the Lake District is a very tough ride this did the trick and no gut issues. Only problem is with ironman training I'm going through it too quick :)

5/7/2016 - Marc Russell-Jones 5/7/2016

"Fuelled and hydrated myself on 7 bottles of Tailwind for Marmotte cycle sportive (173km , 5200m of climbing). I took one gel for no other reason than I was sceptical!  After years of gels and bars   I cannot underline how much better I felt not taking my usual gel and bar supplements not to mention the weight saving too. I had a variety of flavours and seemed fine to me without being too sweet or overpowering. Guts and body felt great which is a first."