Why was Tailwind created and how is it different from other sports drinks?

Well, it all started with Jenny and Jeff Vierling, endurance athletes in Colorado doing  what some folks call “crazy long events” like the Leadville 100, Paris-Brest-Paris, RAAM qualifiers, etc. The first couple of hours always seemed to go well, but 4-6 hours into a race or weekend adventure, their stomachs would revolt, their legs would cramp up, and they'’d get what they call the “gag reflex” because drinks were too sweet to keep on drinking. So Jeff sat down, did a ton of research, formulated a drink, ran it by some gastroenterologists, started using it for himself, and before they knew it they were burning out their Kitchenaid food mixer making it for friends. Fast forward a couple of years later and here we are! - To understand how it is  different from other drinks, check out Why Tailwind.


How much is a scoop (single serving)?

A standard scoop, which is included in the 30 and 50 serving multipacks. is 27g or 35cc, which equates to .95oz or 2.4 tablespoons. Each scoop is 100 calories. The Stickpacks contain 2 servings


How long will Tailwind stay fresh?

A good rule of thumb is to treat Tailwind like orange juice, best drunk in a day but will remain fresh for a few days if kept in the fridge.


Is Tailwind Vegetarian friendly?

Yes, suitable for vegans and soy/gluten free too.


What is the sodium content?

2 scoops or 1 stickpack contains 606mg of sodium which is equivalent sodium content  to 1.5 S-caps, 4 Metasalt caps or 2.75 Salt Stick  capsules

Sodium Citrate delays the production of lactic acid in your muscles which helps to keep the muscle cramps at bay.

Tailwind has a shelf life of about 2 years. Once added to water, a. good rule of thumb is to treat it like juice. After mixing, it's best to drink it within a day (even if it’s warm it tastes pretty good). If mixed and then kept in the fridge it will stay good for about a week. You will know when you have let it hang around in your bottle too long, it will smell a little bit funky and you'll think you have started a science experiment.


How much Tailwind should I be drinking?

What’s important to understand is that even though you may be burning 500+ calories/hour, your body physiologically can only process 200-300 calories per hour. So, in general, we recommend starting off with 200-300 calories/24oz (c.700ml) of water/hour for 2+ hour workouts, and 100-200 calories/24oz (c.700ml) of water/hour for activities less than 2 hours. Listen to your body. If you are feeling hungry dial up the amount of calories, if feeling overly satiated/full, dial it back. The right amount may also vary based on the conditions (think temperature and humidity) and length and your intensity (how long, how hard, how far). When it’s hotter than your usual training temperature, keep the same calorie rate per hour, but increase water to thirst.


How should I start using Tailwind?

Tailwind is a fine powder which you should mix with water and then sip little and often.  A general rule to start with is 2 servings per hour (or 1 stickpack) mixed in 500-750ml of water or however much fluid you will usually consume in an hour.  You can then experiment with strengths, for example I use 2 servings in 750ml when training but on race day I'll use the stronger mix of 2 servings in 500ml as I don't take as much fluid in.  On a hot day I'll also drink plain water to satisfy thirst but keep to the guidline of 2 servings (200 calories) per hour.


Will I drink more than I'm used to?

A number of UK customers have reported they are consuming more volume of liquid than they are used to. Because Tailwind does not taste as sweet as some sports nutrition it is easier to consume greater volumes and because simple sugars are used your stomach is happier to take more thereby increasing calorie intake.


Is Tailwind Nutrition certified with Informed Sports?

The costs involved in global testing for banned substances by Informed Sports is currently not justifiable.  Batch testing has been carried out on 50 Serving bags of Naked Tailwind due to its use by GB International athletes and certain other batches/flavours will be tested in the future.  If you require tested products either because you are on a drug testing program or are in the military and need more information please contact us.


Racing Tips

Eat a substantial breakfast 2+ hours before your event with carbs, fat, and some protein.
Sip Tailwind before the start to top off glycogen stores and electrolyte levels. Pre-load with up to a full bottle if drinking during your event will be hard.
Sip regularly during the event and keep your hourly calorie target in mind.
Tailwind is excellent to rebuild glycogen stores during the critical window for recovery immediately post-exercise.
After rebuilding glycogen stores, have a nice meal with protein for faster recovery.

For a road marathon, which for me is c.4 hrs, to avoid having to mix mid-race I put 4 stickpacks in a 500ml bottle I keep in my waistband.  This is a very strong mix which I take a mouthful of before each water station and then wash down with water to meet thirst.


Wow, Tailwind mixes totally clear? How do I tell the difference from water?

Tailwind mixes totally clear because it doesn’t contain any artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives. It’s 100% natural. To tell the difference, give it the “sniff test”.


Does Tailwind contain Wheat/Gluten/Soy/Dairy?

Nope. Tailwind is free of wheat, gluten, soy and dairy. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Can Tailwind be used in Triathlons?

Most definitely, it is used by Tailwind US's commercial director in training and races including representing the US in th Long Course World Championships.  Closer to home Share Forrester raced in Kona in 2014 and suffered severe stomach issues.  Having qualified for Kona again in 2015 she turned to Tailwind Nutrition and improved her time by nearly 90 minutes. For a full list of sports and activities Tailwind has been successfully used in do visit out 'Tailwind in Other Sports' page


What does the Naked Unflavoured taste of?

It's one of the most popular flavours but everybody has a different take on the flavour, personally I think it tastes like an endless black void.  See some customer feedback here 


What are the ingredients?

Dextrose (Glucose), Sucrose, Sodium Citrate, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Organic Flavour, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Citrate and the caffeinated Raspberry buzz contains anhydrous caffeine.