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Tailwind in Other Sports

As Tailwind UK grows, so too does our customer base. Every day more and more athletes from different disciplinaries and sports are placing orders for Tailwind and seeing great results follow. 

Here is a list of all the different activities Tailwind has been used in:

  • Hard-Enduro rallye - Red Bull Romaniacs - Billed as the world's toughest hard Enduro motorcycle rally, Darren Heyes raced in this years rally in Romania, successfully finishing 50th in his Bronze class event. He had this to say about Tailwind: I used Tailwind throughout the event consisting of 4 days mountain riding with between 5 and 7 hrs days and an average of 4 hrs sleep per night. This product absolutely blew me away. Drank throughout the day I honestly never felt tired, great energy levels and stamina. No stomach pains or dodgy toilet trips. I have recommended this to everyone I've spoken to and seriously would not ride without it.
  • Dawn to Dusk Enduro - Later in August Antony K will be competing in a 12 hour endurance race in the heart of the Brecon Beacons
  • MTB - Brighton Big Dog - The UK's most popular MTB race was won by Iwona S in mid August
  • Sailing - Laser 4.7 World Championships - British Youth Sailing sisters Matilda and Flo Nicholls competed in the Laser 4.7 World Championship in Belgium, where they finished in the gold fleet positioned 6th and 42nd overall respectively.
  • Golf  - In August Silvana W competed in the Mary Beavis Golf Cup, using Tailwind as her fuel for the day
  • Window Cleaning - Whilst I run, I bought this product for my working day. I am a window cleaner and 7 hours on my feet, up and down ladders, is tiring. I have always struggled to eat enough during the day. First impressions are very good. - Johnny L
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) - Tailwind was used by Seychelle Hattingh in France to claim her maiden victory over the SUP Euro Tour in June. Hasan I is also about to compete in the SUP 11 city tour championship in Amsterdam
  • Longboarding - Benoit Fournier claimed 3rd place and set a new French record in the 24 hrs Mans Longskate Race
  • Gardening - Today I chopped, hauled and wheelbarrowed twelve huge loads of weeds. From 8am until 11am I worked. I was beat. I remembered my Tailwind, went and made up a bottle and drank a good portion. I then went and walked behind a lawn mower for two hours, getting the lawn completely done. I got a second wind and feel energized. - Kathy D. (63)