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I'm often asked is Tailwind Nutrition just for ultramarathon runners of would it be suitable for triathlons, in particular Iron Distance.

I'll admit to no personal experience as though I've completed Ironman in Austria, Zurich (x2), South Africa and Lake Placid they were all before I discovered Tailwind and I've since switched to Ultramarathons.  I'm tempted to do one more next year on just Tailwind so I can pass on my experience.

Meanwhile I've listed below the most recent reviews from triathletes for your guidance.

Triathlon Specific Reviews

Clare Harris 21/6/2017

"Ironman Staffordshire"

I was recommended this product by someone who also struggled with their system during endurance events. I was training for ironman Staffordshire and looking for nutrition to train to train with and use for the event. Gels in the past have given me problems and I just don't have that much of a sweet tooth so found
It hard to stomach sweet bars during long rides and other nutrition products. I decided to give Tailwind a go and it's simplicity really gave me hope. I'm not disappointed it worked well in training, at first I ordered the mixed pack to try the different flavours. The flavours are subtle and they my surprise I choose the unflavoured as my bulk buy. I usually find I crave the clean tast of water when I'm on long rides but with tailwind you don't get that strong aftertaste so it's easy to consume. I used it in training and race day and it got me through some tough heat conditions 30 degrees I just kept on top of it and completed my first ironman 70.30 with no stomach problems and remained hydrated, plus it kept me fuelled.
five stars for service a lovely little handwritten note in the box and to my absolute surprise an email before my event wishing me luck, a first for me and great touch! Thanks Tailwind

David Atherton - 15/6/2017

I'm quite new to the Tri world and was struggling with nutrition etc . a pal of mine Andy Gardner told me about tailwind . I cant tell you how much difference it has made but its brilliant . I will be ordering more and recommending your product 

Phil Ormston 2/6/2017

"Can only describe it as strange.....in a very good way"

I've been training for my first Olympic triathlon and been working with gels, bars, solid food and all of it gives you that kick as the energy hits your system. Tailwind doesn't do that, you just never feel tired. It's a really strange experience first time out, it was a hard training run that I first used it and was able to push harder for longer. My legs started to tire near the end so I went from a sip every 10mins or so to a sip every 5mins or so and didn't actually realise until I stopped that not only had my legs stopped aching but I'd then run faster. On top of that I didn't feel like I needed to stop which was an awesome feeling. As the blurb says I've had no problems with my stomach which gels sometimes played havoc with. The personal note in the pack instantly impressed me. The only question I have left to answer is what flavours I'm ordering next, there's no if there just what and when

Conor Burns 26/5/2017

"Tailwind Raspberry Buzz"

I'm preparing for an ironman and needed something to help me get through the final push. I was a bit concerned with the amount of gels etc I would need to take so when I learned that Tailwind was a natural product I felt I had to give it a go. I have not been disappointed. It is easily drunk and it has no nasty side effects after or during my training. The one thing I do try and do is to have my water very cold or add ice as I find in the hot weather it can taste a little *heavy '. To be fair it is very reasonably priced as well. great service with a lovely personal touch also.

Eddie Hampton 31/5/2017

"First 70.3 Half Ironman using Tailwind for the first too!"

Recommended by a team mate after getting severe cramps during Olympic distance events. I can honestly say that my expectations were exceeded! I completed the distance using 5 twin-packs and nothing else! Absolute God-send and will recommend to fellow team-mates. Gentle on the stomach and no cramps (stomach or legs). Eddie Hampton, Riada Triathlon Club

Sean Carter 25/5/2017

"Used on the bike leg of a 70.3 Half Ironman.

Due to nutrition logistics I prepared 3 sachets into one 800ml bottle. Flavour was great, despite the stronger concentration! No gut malfunctions despite average HR of 150 for the 2.5 hours on the bike. No stiches or cramps or crashes on the run stage either - a sign of good calorie and electrolyte intake from earlier.

Overall a great tasting product, I haven't sampled the other flavours yet but will be ordering more Berry for sure!"

Sorcha Page 24/5/2017

"Being the best you can be."

I start triathlon last year as a complete novice, I was having stomach problems when running the last leg, consisting of a burning sensation and cramps, I was using a different product. I was advised by a friend of mine to try Tailwind which I used within my training sessions to make sure it was suitable for me. I raced for the first time on Sunday and knocked off 15 minutes off my previous time, I only used Tailwind and since have not had any gut problems. With the right training and nutrition you can be the best you can be."

Alasdair Helliwell - 22/5/2017

"Impressed! Using Tailwind only for half ironman"

I’ve been using Tailwind in training for a few weeks but decided to wait for my first race before providing a review. I’ve just completed a middle distance triathlon (half ironman) using tailwind exclusively. I put 6 scoops in one bottle for the bike and sipped regularly with additional water as required from my aero bottle. On the run I carried a hand held flask with 2 scoops in about 300 ml of water. I drank additional water at the aid stations. Overall it went really well and I had the best feeling stomach compared to previous races. Plus at no point did I not want to drink TW whereas with gels I often find I can no longer face them. Energy levels remained topped up and didn’t feel hungry at all. I wouldn’t say my stomach was perfect on the later stages of the run but was much better than other nutrition I have tried. Pleased with the result and be interested to find out how it works over the longer ironman distance!

Mark Melarkey - 24/5/2017


"Wow !!!"

Tailwind was recommended by a fellow triathlete and I thought I would give it a try but didnt believe it would be anything special - Very quickly i was proved wrong when I used it for Ironman training - Tailwind ticks all the boxes for me and I will definitely be using it regularly now."

Raymond Evenden 22/5/2017

"Tailwind 2 Serving Stickpacks"

Been using Tailwind for IM training and I am impressed. Finding it especially good on the long bike rides with no drop in energy. Tastes good and so much better than gels.


Andrew Nash 16/5/2017

"So Far So Good"

Tailwind was recommended by a mate doing IRONMAN last year & I've been using it recently for my own IM training. So far So Good, I use the unflavoured which just adds a neutral tang to water and it just seems to work. I supplement with a banana or light snack bar on long rides but it really does seem to provide the energy needed but for doing nothing more than seeming to keep hydrated. No more chewing every 20 minutes or fighting with sticky Gels.

Dave Shields 16/5/2017


This was my 2nd order of Tailwind. Again, excellent personal service, this time from Rod in the stores. Needed a bunch of stickpacks to take to a tri training camp in Majorca. As with the last order, next day delivery with that special tailwind-uk personal touch :-)
Stickpacks were for use on the longer bike rides and did the job perfectly. The 70 mile Sa Calobra ride was fuelled purely on tailwind and was faultless. Used the mandarin in 1 bottle and raspberry buzz in the other. Big glug of the raspberry at the base of the 10km / 670m climb was enough to see me through the hardest part of the day in the saddle. The mrs also used them on her first Cat 2 climb on the bike and was more than impressed at the taste and the effect it had. Really can't recommend this product enough!

Jason Steohens 9/5/2017

"Tailwind berry"

After purchasing the stick packs I found the flavours I liked and berry seemed to taste good and not overpowering. I'm a tailwind user from now on as 112 miles through the Lake District is a very tough ride this did the trick and no gut issues. Only problem is with ironman training I'm going through it too quick :)