About Tailwind UK

UK and Ireland distribution of Tailwind Nutrition was set up in 2015 by myself, Mike Julien

Tailwind Nutrition UK came about from my lack of a sweet tooth and being unable to stomach more than a couple gels a day. As I turned my attention towards longer endurance events I had to look around for alternative energy sources. I heard about Tailwind from a Trail Runner Nation podcast where it got rave reviews and thought I'd give it a go, only to find it was not easily available in the UK. In September 2014 I took the Tailwind Challenge offered by the Swedish distributor.

I was pleasantly surprised to find all the positive reviews were not just hype and just sipping on Tailwind I was fuelled to run all day. I was so impressed with the product I asked Jenny and Jeff Vierling, the founders of Tailwind Nutrition, if I could distribute the product in the UK. Thanks to word of mouth, recommendations and coninued growth in the US I was quickly able to set up UK distribution, adding myself to the group of successful distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa and Hong Kong


I am a veteran of 5 x Ironman triathlons, the Grand to Grand Ultra (a 6 stage, 170 mile race across the desert), Marathon des Sables and various UK ultra marathons.

I don't just supply Tailwind Nutrition I use it.

-Mike Julien, Director of Tailwind Nutrition UK 


My 2018 Itinerary

Batty Bimble


March 4th

6hr Trail 2nd Overall (33m)

    Imber Ultra

March 11th

33m 5'55"



Crawley Track 24hr

April 7th

Thames Path 100

May 8th



My 2017 Itinerary

Heartbreaker Trail Marathon

February 26th - (4:31)

Imber Ultra

March 4th - (6:41)

Barcelona Marathon

March 12th - (4:04)

Highland Fling Race

April 29th (11:00:24)


Mauna to Mauna Ultra (Hawaii)

May 14th - 20th

Woodland Way 6hr Challenge

September 10th - 3rd Overall

XNRG Pony Express

October 14th - 15th - Age Group Winner (9:25:27)

Hermes Thames Meander Marathon

November 4th - Age Group Winner



Valencia Marathon

November 19th - (3:45:25)

Barcelona 24hr Track Race

December 16/17th - (101 miles)





The Tailwind UK Team



Rod Newman - Warehouse Manager

Rod is our odd one out not being an athlete and his idea of biking is to get on his Harley Davidson but runs a warehouse like clockwork.



Freddie Julien - Social Media

Very new to the world of running. Ran The New Forest half marathon in a time of 1:59.11.

Longest race so far was the Budapest Marathon, clocking in at 4:50.

I'm the fella in charge of most of Tailwind UK's social media, the monthly newsletter and the one who organises our various competitions.


Tracy Smith

Customer Service