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Tailwind Challenge

Tailwind Challenge£109.00

Take the Tailwind Challenge!

Tailwind Nutrition Multiserving

Tailwind Nutrition Multiserving£21.00  -  £31.00

30 and 50 serving personalised bags

Tailwind Foam Trucker  Cap

Tailwind Foam Trucker Cap£14.95  -  £15.95

Tailwind Nutrition 500ml Soft Flask

Tailwind Nutrition 500ml Soft Flask£9.95  -  £15.95

The perfect bottle to drink Tailwind from!

Tailwind Tri  Cap

Tailwind Tri Cap£15.95

Tailwind Nutrition Offers

Tailwind Nutrition Offers£21.00   £15.00

30 and 50 serving personalised bags

Tailwind 2 Serving Stickpacks

Tailwind 2 Serving Stickpacks£2.10  -  £42.95

2 Serving Tailwind Stickpacks for energy on the go

Tailwind Endurance Fuel and Recovery Starter pack

Tailwind Endurance Fuel and Recovery Starter pack£14.95  -  £18.95

Starter packs containing Endurance Fuels with or without Rebuild Recovery drinks

Now also available as Caffeine Free packs

Tailwind  Technical Tee Shirt 2019

Tailwind Technical Tee Shirt 2019£12.95  -  £20.95

Specialized Tailwind Nutrition Bottles

Specialized Tailwind Nutrition Bottles£9.95  -  £12.95

Tailwind Nutrition Arm Warmers

Tailwind Nutrition Arm Warmers£9.95

Tailwind Nutrition Beanie Hat

Tailwind Nutrition Beanie Hat£9.95

The most stylish way to keep your head warm

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Page 1 of 2:    16 Items
Latest Reviews
Wednesday, 26 February 2020  |  Keighley

Love this product, tastes good, not to strong and didnít have an upset stomach

Trying Tailwind
Wednesday, 26 February 2020  |  Donna

A fantastic new fuel source for me. I sipped little and often, on my 14-mile training run and I felt great, during and after my run.

No need for gels and post-run crash I usually get didn't happen! I'm really looking forward to my next long run.

New to Tailwind
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  |  Susan

I used Tailwing for the first time today, my first 2 miles were like running up a treacle river (mainly due to the wind and coming back from illness) however after 40 mins and taking sips of Tailwind I could feel my energy levels rising. I am looking forward to trying more of these and practising for the Manchester Marathon

Recovery chocolate
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  |  Karen

First time using a product like this and after running 22 miles battered by the winds ,this was delicious .Felt great the next day like I hadn't done one anything will defo use on my Ultra training runs .

Beanie hat
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  |  Karen

This hat looked great loved the tailwind logo across the front .However I don't wear beanies would of rather had a pair of small arm sleeves as a choice as this seems a bit aimed at males .But I will be gifting it to someone 😁

Tailwind use
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  |  Alan

Starting training for couple of 100 mile bike rides April and May. Mainly been on turbo trainer due to weather however first outdoor ride for a while last Sunday . Snow on the trails and -3 with high winds and sleet. Only fuel was Tailwind and despite burning more calories than normal it kept me going even though I did not use all of it during the ride. Also plan on taking it on turbo mid week days a few hours before training session

Really is all I use all day
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  |  Gareth

Vital part of my 2020 Ironman preparation, enables a long ride to be completed without a cafe stop. My favourite is the berry but have tried all the flavours and like them all.

Short date Massive Savings
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  |  Gareth

Purchased as it was too cheap to walk away, love the fact this is completely neutral. My wife canít stomach anything sweet so this fills a perfect nutrition place for her quest to become an iron(wo)man. Excellent product and excellent delivery

Speedy Delivery
Monday, 24 February 2020  |  Claire

Arrived two days after ordering, well packaged with a hand written note. Have tried a couple so far, looking forward to trying the others. Very impressed with the service and the product.

Fit for recovery purpose
Monday, 24 February 2020  |  Chris

Used the subtle chocolate flavour after tough 3 hour bike, easily taken with water, think the salt, sugars and protein mix is a hit for quick absorbtion. Had another serving on the monday after swim and run with milk for bit more of milkshake treat.