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Free Tailwind Beanie with orders over £60 (Choose a colour)

Free Tailwind Beanie with orders over £60 (Choose a colour)£9.95

The most stylish way to keep your head warm

Tailwind Nutrition Beanie Hat

Tailwind Nutrition Beanie Hat£9.95

The most stylish way to keep your head warm

Tailwind Foam Trucker  Cap

Tailwind Foam Trucker Cap£14.95  -  £15.95

Tailwind Tri  Cap

Tailwind Tri Cap£15.95


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Latest Reviews
Thursday, 16 January 2020  |  Paul

Great beanie, good quality. Perfect for keeping the pre and post training chills at bay

Soft flask
Wednesday, 15 January 2020  |  Rhodri

Tried the soft flask for the 1st time last weekend for a long run. Easy to carry and drink from. 1st impression is that it is a very good product and would recommend.

Cycling stronger
Tuesday, 14 January 2020  |  Simon

I am very impressed with the Tailwind endurance fuel sticks. On a 3 hour club ride where I usually begin to fade at the end I felt very strong and held a faster speed than my usual ride.

Recovery Pack
Monday, 13 January 2020  |  James

Iíve used Tailwind Endurance for the last 4+ years and just started using the Recovery Fuel now (I used a specific Whey Protein before).
Iíve been using TWD Recivery fir the last few weeks now and having a few single sachets is perfect for post-event recovery process. The Chocolate flavour is so good itís like a treat all on its own. Absolutely nailed it! So good Iíve thrown the last bit of my old Whet Protein away. Canít recommend it enough. Usual great P&P and service. Thanks guys.

A Recovery Drink .. what's that all about then?
Monday, 13 January 2020  |  Luisa

I've always been a bit dubious about 'recovery' products, given my recovery used to be a coffee (or even a beer) .. a shower and a lay down. Anyway, whilst buying my Tailwind products for my runs I thought I'd give it a go so bought one.. I have to say it was great, I felt better and seemed to have more energy later on than I normally do. My muscles felt easier rather than the normal stiffness I usually have. I felt more hydrated and surprisingly it tastes great .. which I wasn't really expecting .. I'm really impressed and have recommended them to my running friends. (might still have the beer as well though! ) Thanks Tailwind for another great product.

Starter Pack
Monday, 13 January 2020  |  Wendy

Tried it for the first long run yesterday and was impressed. I used it in a bladder and it reduced the need to carry extra gels and food. Tried the lemon flavour first, think I am probably going to be a Naked fan though. Not too kean on the flavour, although it wasn't overpowering and sweet like some gels I have had. Kind on the stomach too! Good customer service too!

Great for ultra running
Sunday, 12 January 2020  |  Fintan

I took up Ultra Running last year and did a lot of trial and error with my nutrition during training when I came across Tailwind.

This was a recommendation from my boss who was doing the Iron Man UK in Bolton and he explained how much of a difference it made to his performance on the bike so I thought I'd see if i could apply the same to my running.

This was an absolute game changer for me and the difference from when I ran the Lakeland 55km Ultra (without Tailwind) and the Peak District 50 (85km with Tailwind) Ultra a month later was huge!!

I had way more energy on the 85km route plus I had the added benefit of taking on carbs and electrolytes every time I took a drink so never felt tired or hungry as they also do a caffeine option which helps keep you awake and alert.

I used them as part of my nutrition for my 120km 4 day multi stage race in the Half Marathon Des Sables in the desert in Fuerteventura a month later and again they did the job.

As well as hydrations, they also helped prevent cramps in the heat due to the additional electrolytes and I also used their recovery drinks at the end of each stage which definitely helped me recover better especially in a multi stage race.

Love the fact they come in different flavours as it can become very boring just drinking the same flavour or water when running long distances so I always get a mixed selection for my races.

Looking forward to using them again this year when I run the Pilgrims 60 Mile Ultra in Wales in May, the Ultra Challenge Lake District 100km in June and then the biggy, the Beacons Way 100 Mile Ultra in July so I'll definitely need to stock up for those

Easy on the tum!
Friday, 10 January 2020  |  Claire

I tried a Tailwind starter pack after recommendations by a few people in our running club. I struggle with the texture of gels and other energy mix powders just give me the most upset stomach. I mainly rely on food for longer days in the hills but this has been a game changer. I still take some food but balance it up with this. After long runs I used to suffer with headaches, even with taking on plenty of water pre, during and post run. I havenít had one since using Tailwind.
All the flavours are nice, refreshing and not too sweet; the raspberry and green tea are my favourite.

Friday, 10 January 2020  |  Tom

Tailwind was recommended by a friend and I now use it for most events and long training sessions. Always suffered with a sensitive stomach when running with gels or normal food but i get no bad effects with Tailwind. Running Marathons I used to hit the wall about mile 20 but managed straight through when using Tailwind. Cant recommend Tailwind enough.

Thursday, 9 January 2020  |  Helen

Another one to add to my collection. Easy to drink out of, handy to have.