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Tailwind Nutrition Soft Flasks

Tailwind Nutrition Soft Flasks£9.95  -  £15.95

The perfect bottle to drink Tailwind from!

Specialized Tailwind Nutrition Bottles

Specialized Tailwind Nutrition Bottles£9.95  -  £12.95

Tailwind Nutrition White Enamel Tin Mug 330ml

Tailwind Nutrition White Enamel Tin Mug 330ml£10.95

Tailwind Nutrition White Enamel Tin Mug 330ml

Tailwind Nutrition 200ml Soft Flasks

Tailwind Nutrition 200ml Soft Flasks£9.95

The perfect bottle to drink Tailwind from!

Tailwind Nutrition Drawstring Bag

Tailwind Nutrition Drawstring Bag£3.95

Tailwind Nutrition Drawstring Bag


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Latest Reviews
Friday, 1 July 2022  |  Tina

I usually purchase the coffee flavour but salted caramel was on offer so I thought Iíd try it. Iím not usually a fan of caramel but this is delicious and so refreshing after a long run, particularly when mixed with ice cold milk (and a dollop of ice cream)
Will definitely be ordering more!

First time using
Friday, 1 July 2022  |  Paul

Wanted something simple and easy to use on marathons and ultra runs so giving Tailwind a go. So far it tastes great, I have had no hunger issues or problems with GI and feel full of energy like I do when I Cary a tonne of cake, bars, and bananas. Iím converted ! Big test this weekend in a 55k Ultra

Love everything about this product and brand
Friday, 1 July 2022  |  Sarah

Absolutely genius product - ticks every box for me - taste , palatability, gut friendly and no need for food or gels even on longer runs. Brilliant personal service (the little note and my name on my bag are such lovely touches - as well as some samples for friends)
Thank you

Heard good things so gave it a try
Friday, 1 July 2022  |  James

First of all, I want to say thank you to Tailwind. I paid for normal postage but put in the notes that it would be great to have it asap, and they upgraded my delivery for free! I ordered it in the afternoon and had it the next day!

Iíve only used it once on a 12 mile run so far, but it tasted great and definitely helped me over the course of the run. Iíve been ok with gels and tablets but was attracted to this as itís less messing about and less ti think about. I would definitely recommend this product.

Fantastic product
Wednesday, 29 June 2022  |  Debra

Amazing product and fantastic service! Love the personal touch of a note inside the box
I always found my energy levels dipped during longer runs. Tailwind so far has stopped that from happening! I have so much more energy and have noticed Iím not as tired later in the day after a long run!
Hoping tailwind will see me through my Chester marathon training runs and then also on the day of the marathon ❤️

Super service
Wednesday, 29 June 2022  |  Patricia

The service from Tailwind is excellent, quick delivery and the product is brilliant. Also that personal touch. A hand written card and your name on the bag. Mandarin orange flavour is one of my favourites.

Absolute game changer!
Tuesday, 28 June 2022  |  Joe

I used Tailwind to fuel my first half Ironman distance triathlon when I did the Cardiff Legend last weekend. No gut rot that comes from other energy bars etc and a performance that I was really proud of (and surprised at) to top it off. Will definitely be using Tailwind for Ironman Wales in September.

Tailwind - Ideal I'm finding for Scottish adventures
Tuesday, 28 June 2022  |  Colin

I've purchased Tailwind, in both stickpack format and the multi-serving pouch, for two attempts Iíve made on Tranter's Round (the ascent of 18 Munros in 24 hours - Scottish mountains over 3,000ft) and a successful completion of Cairngorms Loop (a 186-mile bikepacking time trial around Cairngorms National Park in Scotland). Theyíve provided me with drinkable calories that have helped to sustain me for the duration on both occasions. I do still combine Tailwind with solid food but thatís simply a hangover from years of Scottish hillwalking (Iím not going fast and I enjoy some solid food now and again). Tailwind however has totally replaced the sports gels I used to adopt in such cases. I've found them to taste great - thankfully for me not too sweet - and I like that thereís no mess (the powder dissolves in my bottle with no residue). I recommend it frequently to family and friends. Thanks to Mike and the company for the personal touches on your order.

My go to fuel
Tuesday, 28 June 2022  |  Toby

I used to really struggle with nutrition on long runs. I tried a lot of products and tailwind is the one I've got the best results with. No more "gut issues" to worry about, just my fitness! Great stuff, will recommend to anyone who will listen.

Always a winner!
Tuesday, 28 June 2022  |  Charlotte

Iíve used Tailwind before so knew the Stickpacks would keep me going without issues on my 300+ mile bike ride. Iíve never tried the recovery drink and was impressed with the flavours (not too sweet), the consistency (not too thin and mixes well) and also no dodgy tummy the next day. Thank you Tailwind!