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Great product and brilliant service!
Friday, 14 August 2020  |  Amanda

I've used Tailwind for several long distance events, including marathons and have always found it helps get me to the finish. Having run out of it previously and noticing a dip in my performance I'll be making sure I keep it in good stock now. Great personalised service by this company too, something many others out there are lacking. Well done Tailwind!

Great product and service
Friday, 14 August 2020  |  Nicky

Have been using Tailwind for longer turbo bike sessions and run a for a while now, via single serving packets from Fab local running shop ( Run Venture). Easy to digest and keeps my energy going.
Just had my first big bag direct from Tailwind - loved the speed of delivery and the personalisation of service.

Awesome.. again!
Thursday, 13 August 2020  |  Graham

Great service and a great product. Chose this multi pack for convenience. Will be doing Weekend Warrior at Blenheim this year (fingers crossed) so having the small packs will make it much easier to refill.
A personalised message from the team wishing me good luck and delivered within 48hrs.
The product is so easy to mix - just add water and shake, tastes great and have not had any 'gut' issues when using.

Makes Sipping Easy!
Thursday, 13 August 2020  |  Helen

While training for an upcoming endurance lap mountain bike race, I realised that I had a problem finding bottles that could fit on my bike frame.
A friend suggested I try a soft flask as an alternative, so I did exactly that.
Wow, what a game changer it turned out to be! The 500ml bottle fits easily into the back pocket of my cycling jersey and is so easy to access. The cap is awesome as it allows me to sip a little often. The bite valve doesn't leak and is really easy to sup as little or as much as I need at a time - perfect!
I'm actually finding that using a soft flask in my back pocket is easier than fiddling with a tight bottle fit on my bike.
Time to order another one for my upcoming event!!

It really is as good as everyone says!
Wednesday, 12 August 2020  |  Helen

An ultra running friend recommended that I try tailwind as a complete fuelling system for endurance mountain bike racing and training. I have to admit that I was sceptical that it was as good as she said, but wow, it really is that good!!
I haven't raced with it yet, but have done a number of 2-5 hour training rides and I can honestly say I was gobsmacked! I didn't eat anything else, but didn't get hungry, didn't suffer from abdominal bloating, didn't have my normal munchies post ride and I just felt good.
Yes, it is a bit more expensive than other products, but it is totally worth it. It tastes great - not sickly sweet like other products, nor does it taste salty, making you crave more than you need. Lots of little sips and often is all you need. Try it, you won't be disappointed! I'm a complete convert!
I bought the Naked flavour - it is fresh and clean like a lightly flavoured water - a very subtle but enjoyable taste.
Oh, and the service is prompt and personal - I loved the handwritten note that came in my parcel.

Best way to try different flavours
Wednesday, 12 August 2020  |  Emma

I am already a big tailwind fan but Iíve only ever had the naked flavour fuel drink as I thought the flavoured ones would be too strong and repeat on me. I was so wrong!! I bought this pack just to try and havenít found a flavour I donít like yet, they are all light and easy on the stomach. Iím also very impressed with the chocolate recovery drink, most protein shakes give me a grumbly tum but not this one!! I love the little handwritten note and your name on the pouch,a lovely personal touch you donít get very often these days.

Great way to get acquainted with Tailwind
Wednesday, 12 August 2020  |  Alberto

I admit I have yet to taste every single flavour on the pack, but I'm finding Tailwind very light and easy to use. The fuelling drinks give you a nice boost just when you need it most and the recovery shakes are probably the best I've tasted. Also, as promised, very easy to consume and digest, even on the go!

Quick delivery, Great product
Wednesday, 12 August 2020  |  Kylie

I use tailwind for long runs and while racing long distance events. The starter pack gives a great range of flavours and allows you to take sachets of power with you or abroad without the hassle of having to carry "unmarked bags of white powder" in your luggage. The sachets are great to carry on long distance events and rides as you can top up as you go. Tasty flavours that keep you going

Best Recovery Drink!
Wednesday, 12 August 2020  |  Debbie

Had used recovery drink powders from other companies but found them tasting a bit chemically and never seem to mix very well.

Got the vanilla Tailwind Rebuild Recovery sachet as part of a starter set and wow, what a game changer! Tasted delicious, quite thick and creamy and mixed perfectly with no lumps. It was that good I had to go back and order more

Switch from gels
Wednesday, 12 August 2020  |  Ralph

This was surprising for me. I was sceptical at first but had reached the point where i would have gels on me in a race but not actually 'want' to have them even though i 'needed' to.

This prompted me to look at alternatives. Happy to have found and settled on tailwind.

Specific things i like:
1. It tastes/feels like flavoured water, not like a sugary drink.
2. It leaves you in an almost perfect balance of feeling light on your stomach but also not hungry and knowing you need to take on food/energy.

I like the Cola and Raspberry flavours.

It wonít let you down
Wednesday, 12 August 2020  |  Phil

I have been using Tailwind for a number of years now at both marathon and ultra distance. Their product is superb, it gives me all the fuel I need for my events and I have confidence it wonít cause any stomach issues, regardless of how much I use.
I recently used it for a 100 mile ultra in 35 degree heat and the single serving sachets were a game changer. I had issues consuming food due to the heat, but the sachets continued to work from start to finish.
The customer service from the Tailwind team is brilliant as well

Soft flask
Wednesday, 12 August 2020  |  Graeme

Top class product like everything provided by tailwind. Fits race vest perfectly and no leaks. No sloshing noise either. Best soft flask Iíve tried. Thank you as always, great personal service is so valuable and super fast delivery.

Really pleased with this product!
Monday, 10 August 2020  |  Anita

Itís been great to be able to try out the different flavours before committing to buying a larger pack. They taste good, are easy to use and are not sickly or sticky like gels.
The service was very quick, efficient and friendly. Iíll definitely be buying more!

Lemon is a Flavour that doesn't get old
Monday, 10 August 2020  |  John

By the time I've been drinking Tailwind all day many flavours become hard to get down. Lemon seems to avoid this problem.

Best tasting recovery drink i've found yet
Monday, 10 August 2020  |  Wesley

The chocolate and vanilla flavours are the best tasting recovery drinks i've found yet. Would highly recommend.

Tailwind nutrition multi serving
Monday, 10 August 2020  |  Fiona

Great product, easy to take did not make me feel sick, kept me fuelled to keep going. Very happy customer.

Really comfortable arm warmers
Monday, 10 August 2020  |  Elizabeth

Really comfortable arm warmers, and great value .
Will be getting a few more pairs 😃

All you need for a long bike or run
Monday, 10 August 2020  |  Elizabeth

Tailwindís green tea buzz if fab for long bikes and runs .... tummy issues and tastes great as well .... can recommend it enough.
The hand written notes really make the delivery special

Perfect fuel for 100km
Monday, 10 August 2020  |  Laura

I had to write and say a massive thank you.
At 23.57 on July the 25th I completed my first ever straight-through 100km. I have used tailwind on previous runs of 10 miles up to marathon distance but am a fairly recent convert and have never really truly believed the claims of it being 'all you need'. So yesterday I prepped my flasks, mixed up extra for refills and began my attempt. I had crates of food, gels and snacks at the car, ready to dip into when my energy levels dipped.
They didn't.
I had a few mouthfuls of pasta at lunch, and nibbled on jaffa cakes and the odd peanut butter and jam sandwich when they were offered but for the majority of the 16 hours that I was out running, Tailwind truly was all that I needed. I never had an energy slump or felt that I was struggling and best of all, no issues with the dreaded tummy trouble that can sometimes ruin long runs. I was hydrated and energised and that allowed me to really enjoy my run.
I am so enormously impressed. I'll be ordering more for my next silly challenge...whatever that might be.

Great product, great service
Thursday, 6 August 2020  |  David

This is my third order of Tailwind. Started with the starter pack and now on to the larger 50 serving Endurance fuel packs. Tailwind has enabled me to train harder and longer with no hunger or stomach issues. I did my first marathon distance run as a test (was only asked to run a half marathon but I carried enough Tailwind in my bladder pack to fuel a full, so I thought why not? Did the job so well for me - no energy dips, no cramping of any kind, stomach or legs. Also did a century ride last weekend and managed it comfortably on 3 x 750ml bottles of Tailwind. Very satisfied with Tailwind - I know it will fuel me well for what I hope will be a busy and successful 2021. The service is top notch too - prompt replies to any e-mails, ordered yesterday and took delivery today and it came with a face mask and multitube that are great quality. Plus I had a lovely handwritten note from Susan. I don't know how the product works, it just does. Stay safe and well Tailwinders.

Spot on!
Thursday, 6 August 2020  |  Marie

Really pleasantly surprised by just how different I felt using this compared to water, electrolytes and flavoured milk. So simple and tasty too!

Favourite energy drink
Thursday, 6 August 2020  |  Rebekah

Iíve started running very long distances and was pretty new to the idea of fueling on a run. Tailwind is amazing, settles well in my stomach (even the caffeine flavours!) and keeps me going. Much better than gels as energy release is gradual. Iíd HUGELY recommend this product for endurance activities and Green Tea Buzz is my personal favourite.

Complimentary face mask
Wednesday, 5 August 2020  |  Julie

What a lovely gesture to send out face masks and a neck warmer with my last order. The mask fits great, so much better than disposable ones and they look good too. Thank you so much tailwind.

What a lovely surprise
Wednesday, 5 August 2020  |  Terry

No one wants to have to wear a mask, but if you have to, this is so cool, and I wasn't expecting it. Very comfy too, so I don't think it will make me suffer from Covid Ear. Brill!

Tastes great....
Wednesday, 5 August 2020  |  Terry

And that's really just the icing on the cake coz Tailwind Recovery is making sure I get some much needed nutrition into my system immediately after a run. I'm normally bad at eating within the recommended thirty to sixty minutes, so I can shake this up and take it straight to the shower with me. Yeah, that sounds a bit weird, but it works for me ☺️

I was so chuffed to discover it's vegan, so I could use it after my conversion nine months ago. I'm genuinely surprised how much I love both the chocolate and the vanilla flavours. Chocolate I expected, vanilla not so much, as it's so hard to get right, not too sweet, but just sweet enough. I'm disappointed the coffee seems universally out of stock, as I'd love to try it too.

My top tip? Not ground breaking, but shake it up with the 500ml of water and some ice. It's so good.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020  |  Loz

Really good facemask and neck warmer. Fit is good, looks good and is a really nice addition since I love Tailwind

First vegan recover drink that tastes good
Wednesday, 5 August 2020  |  Shane

I've tried a few different vegan based recovery drinks and this is the first that doesn't feel gritty or chalky. It dissolved easily in a regular drinks bottle with no shaker and tasted great.

Terrific product
Wednesday, 5 August 2020  |  Peter

I was skeptical at first that a drink could replace solids during long endurance activity but i have managed several 4 hour plus activities on tailwind alone.
Easily consumed, easy on the stomach and tastes great. Highly recommended

Thank you!
Tuesday, 4 August 2020  |  Melissa

Received this as a freebie when I made my last purchase, hubby uses the mask and I will be using the buff in cooler weather - both are great quality with a lovely print.

Fantastic product
Tuesday, 4 August 2020  |  Melissa

Tailwind is the only fuel I have found that doesnít upset my stomach, gels make me feel sick and I canít stomach many bloks either. I use Tailwind for all my long training runs and during events - try it, you wonít regret it!

Little big mouth bottle.
Tuesday, 4 August 2020  |  Dafydd

Great bottle, no leaks, very positive opening and nice and squeezy so easy to get plenty of Tailwind or water out when needed!

Tailwind facemask!
Tuesday, 4 August 2020  |  Dafydd

Never expected to be reviewing a facemask, but having to wear one for work I needed to find one that is a good fit and comfortable to wear all day. The tailwind one ticks all the boxes, the best fit I have found so far, even without a nose wire my glasses donít mist up and the pocket for a filter is a great addition. My only gripe is that I will now have to buy another one, so I have one to wear while this one is in the wash!

Face mask and neck warmer
Monday, 3 August 2020  |  Jim

Thank you for the Free gift great Quality, been using tailwind over 2 years now . As a marathon runner itís been very helpful I had plans on completing my 300th marathon on the 30th August this has been taken away from me because of Covid 19 ☹️ No marathons since end of March. Just lots of training on my own and just lately with friends. Looking forward to 16th August and the ooser and my 279th marathon . Stay safe everyone 😜

Marathon training and free face mask
Monday, 3 August 2020  |  Jim

I have been using tailwind for over two years now it is Very reliable in helping me in my marathon training. I highly recommend tailwind if it wasnít for the virus I would of been running my 300th marathon in August. Thank you for my free face mask and bandana.stay safe👍

Endurance Fuel
Sunday, 2 August 2020  |  Brian

First class product that actually does what it claims to do. Fuelled me through some long hard training sessions. Great clean taste. Super fast delivery and the hand written note with the delivery is an excellent touch. I will definitely be buying again

Game changing fuel
Sunday, 2 August 2020  |  Paul

I canít fault any of the tailwind products. I have never used a energy supplement that works so well, the effect it has is is amazing. I donít feel hungry or have a ďdipĒ on long runs. The recovery powder is equally as good, within one hour of having a recovery shake I feel good as new and my legs feel fresh and ready to go again.
I am clocking 50-60 miles weekly and have never felt so fresh. I put this down to having found tailwind nutrition and the positive effect that correct nutrition has on the body during and after a run.

Loved the recovery drink
Saturday, 1 August 2020  |  Christopher

I bought the starter pack for an ultra endurance MTB event. The normal drinks are great to have in the mix when youíre bored of eating. But the stand out product for me were the chocolate recovery drink which I had in the middle of the event before grabbing a few hoursí sleep, and the green tea buzz for a pick me up at 4am the next morning. Superb and way better than attempting to slam down a gel at that time in the morning.

Better than expected
Friday, 31 July 2020  |  John

Iíve never really got in to recovery drinks. But a recent increase in mileage made me revisit them. I did not like the look or smell of the Tailwind Vanilla and Chocolate. HOWEVER, after a long run they go down easily and I can feel a tangible difference. Another great Tailwind product.

Great Product
Thursday, 30 July 2020  |  Helen

I ordered the Tailwind starter pack which included Endurance Fuel and Recovery. So far Iíve tried the lemon flavour,which has a nice clean taste, fuelled me through my half marathon. Nice to have to mess around with gels etc, fuel in a bottle! Chocolate recovery drink very tasty too.

facemask and neckwarmer
Thursday, 30 July 2020  |  Kathleen

Love them! Mask is really comfortable bright and cheerful in difficult times. Having to wear a face mask this is definately the one to brighten your day!

Great product
Thursday, 30 July 2020  |  Sarah

I run 3/4 times a week and I really feel that Tailwind makes a difference to my longer runs. It tastes great, thereís no after affects, and I tend to feel stronger and more full of energy after taking it with me.

Clean on the Palette
Wednesday, 29 July 2020  |  Claire

I have tried various energy gels, powder nutrition etc and have found that Tailwind Nutrition has been the only one that has worked for me. The recovery IS rapid and one certainly feels revived after having it; the naked nutrition keeps you going and there is no flavor which is nice, it is clean on the palette.

Endurance fuel and recovery starter pack
Monday, 27 July 2020  |  Paul

Excellent product, really clean taste.
After running 30 miles the recovery drink was great.

Mask and neckwarmer
Monday, 27 July 2020  |  Matthew

Nice mask, fits really well and looks great, good quality too. The neckwarmers design is really nice, out of all the buffs I own this is probably my favourite!

Bloody Hell!
Saturday, 25 July 2020  |  Mike

An experienced cyclist friend recommended this to me a few weeks ago and I kind of reluctantly purchased thinking it would be just the same as every other energy drink but it was awesome. No going back for me! I'm a Tailwind convert!

Face mask
Friday, 24 July 2020  |  Rosemary

Gorgeous bright design and comfortable to wear. If you have to wear an anti plague mask it may as well be a stylish one, I've already had a few positive comments while out working in it. The matching neck warmer is superb too!

ultra training
Friday, 24 July 2020  |  Richard

used it for my first ever ultra. and now using again for my training for the next one.
Dont need any other food/drink during my runs

Friday, 24 July 2020  |  Paul

Having now used Tailwind Endurance fuel for some time now I have to say it is the best fuelling product I have ever used. Very gentle on the gut and it actually does the job it's supposed to do. I can ride 50 to 80 miles on this go juice alone with no need for any other fuel. This stuff is magic.

Tailwind Facemask
Friday, 24 July 2020  |  Steve

Very cool, i use the neck warmer as a wrist wrap to wipe away any sweat and keep fresh.
The facemask is pretty striking too, both winners in my book.

Endurance fuel and recovery Starter pack
Wednesday, 22 July 2020  |  Emma

I purchased this looking to try a new product but a little apprehensive as I suffer a lot with GI issues, coupled with caffeine sensitivity and dairy sensitivity. The caffeine free endurance fuel was really good on my long run. The recovery chocolate was brilliant, so tasty it felt like diary and was really gentle on the tummy. Big thumbs up for me having tried a variety of products to date that havenít settled so well for me

Gotta get one of these!
Wednesday, 22 July 2020  |  Jeff

Bright, light, comfortable ,and very necessary face mask 😷 well done again tailwind

Great face mask
Tuesday, 21 July 2020  |  Alexander

Just stocked up on my favourite tailwind and got the face mask thrown in for free. Great item and works better than the previous one I purchased online. Itís a much better fit and doesnít slide down my nose!

Works so well
Tuesday, 21 July 2020  |  Gareth

I have been running just over a year and as my runs started to increase in distance I eventually experienced two things, de hydration and running out of energy, I have tried numerous other products and all have there downsides, but with tailwind it has become so simple, I just mix up 2 scoops into my soft flask and I sorted, its a drink that works with running, I wouldn't sit and drink it of an evening, but I have not got fed up with it yet. Get the trial pack to see what flavour you prefer and then you can get the bigger bag pack. I have given most of my gels away to friends, at most on a run I have a couple of biscuits as I have Crohns that helps to settle my tummy, after that its Tailwind the whole way.

Amazing product
Tuesday, 21 July 2020  |  Gareth

I originally tried this product as part of the trial pack, I have never really considered I would benefit from a product like this, I would normally riad the fridge once my stomache would tolerate some food after a run, well this product has changed my thoughts, after a long weekend run, I mix up a 500ml bottle of this once I get home, it mixes really well, no lumps, you can mix with water or milk, I use water and the taste is good, once I have had it I no longer need to tear through the cupboards to eat, for me I also find I am able to get back to the day with my family quicker, my muscles seem more willing to go again. Well worth a try if you haven't considered it before.

Nice and light
Tuesday, 21 July 2020  |  David

Just purchased a 50 serving mandarin orange after a recommendation by my mate who regularly puts in a 200/250 miles a week on the bike and swears by it.
First taste test and I was surprised how light it was. I have been used to other big name branded carb drinks being sickly sweet but tailwind was not. I found it has enough flavour to keep your tastebuds alive, enough carbs to keep you fuelled by regular sipping and pleasantly was loaded with electrolytes so an all in 1 drink.
Definitely my new drink of choice, I particularly liked the handwritten note thanking me for my purchase thought that was a nice touch.

Monday, 20 July 2020  |  Mischa

These have always been my favourite buffs, and now an excellent comfy plague mask too! Itís quite bright so add that to pink hair and you could probably see me from space, but Iíve had two people ask me where I got it so far. Face masks, the must have sports accessory of 2020. I didnít see that coming! 🤣

Essential wear with style
Monday, 20 July 2020  |  Dai

Breathable, comfortable, well fitting and looks fantastic. Pocket to add a filter is a good option.

Stylish face mask
Monday, 20 July 2020  |  Ceri

Really pleased with my face mask, very stylish and practical.
Thank you

Monday, 20 July 2020  |  Rachael

Highly recommend the Endurance fuel it is a must for me when I go on my long runs!! Loved the handwritten personal note that came along with my order too, such a lovely touch. Thank you!

Rebuild recovery drink
Monday, 20 July 2020  |  Jodee

I bought a starter pack to try these as an easy way to get some calories in post run as often feel nauseous in the hour after. Really yummy and no powdery texture. Highly recommend.

Monday, 20 July 2020  |  Emma

Lovely buff, great for training and ultras...and now shopping. The mask is good quality and a good size for a man - too big for a small woman.

Good enjoyed
Saturday, 18 July 2020  |  Barry

Thought I would give this a go as I had run out of my last plant based recovery shakes. The taste was good . Looking forward to try the choc one tomorrow.

Have wanted to try for ages
Saturday, 18 July 2020  |  Barry

Having wanted to try this as I brought a cheaper multi serving at Xmas, I was not disappointed. From the smell of the powder to the taste it was amazing. I think I could drink this all day everyday.

Excellent product and service as always
Friday, 17 July 2020  |  Paul

First facemask that doesn't fog up my glasses

Neckwarmer used as buff to cover slaphead when sunny!

And two packs of recovery, tastes great and refreshing after a work out,

Keep up the great work guys,

Stay Safe!

Truly believe it works
Friday, 17 July 2020  |  Kath

This is my second order of Tailwind nutrition, I truly believe it makes a difference to me when endurance training and racing. This batch should see me through my first full Ironman, itís served me well in 70.3ís 👍🏻

Just the ticket
Thursday, 16 July 2020  |  Rob

Iíve been using tailwind now for a while doing different sports always a pleasure to use, this time Iím training for an ultra run so Iím taking my trusty tailwind on this journey with me🥳🌅

Yum in my tum
Thursday, 16 July 2020  |  Louise

These are great for those long runs. Having trained for several marathons and ultras i found nutrition so hard especially with IBS and it never going right, it came a point where i was under fueling just so i didnt have to deal with the consequences.

I was recommended tailwind and after chatting to them at the london expo stand and trying out flavours etc i took the leap. Now i last pretty long on just tailwind and have had no GU issues. It tastes nice and does the job without having that super sweet sicky feeling.

Its easy to carry in small packets and have got the big bag now so that i can fill up one flask before i go out.

Now training for my first 50 miler and use exclusively tailwind and of course a few crisps and soreens. So happy to have gotten out of the gel stomach, sticky hands issue forever more

Best tasting protein powder
Wednesday, 15 July 2020  |  Danny

This is one of the best tasting protein supplements i have ever had, its like a milkshake, no lumps or powder chunks! I do wish this was availible in larger packs as 15 servings doesn't me last long

Great taste & Great Results
Wednesday, 15 July 2020  |  Danny

This new (ish) flavour is great, like all tailwind products, its never disappointed me and always got me through even the hardest of races. For an extra boost I mix it with flat Coke or Root Beer!

Starter Pack
Wednesday, 15 July 2020  |  Matt

Excited to try this on my longer runs. Haven't yet done so but won't be long before I do. Delivery was amazing. Arrived extremely quickly and really appreciated the personalised message. Thank you!

Tailwind Nutrition Multiserving
Tuesday, 14 July 2020  |  Tim

Purchased the Naked Unflavored pack. Great tasting product and experienced no gut bombs - amazing change after trying so many other products on the market. Used it many times on long cycles, providing a great fuel source. Best service with the person note and fast delivery. Thanks a lot Tailwind.

Face mask
Tuesday, 14 July 2020  |  Graeme

The face masks are really soft and comfortable. The design is funky, lots of compliments!

Tailwind Nutrition
Tuesday, 14 July 2020  |  Alan

Having used Tailwind for the last 3 years, I have trained for 2 Ironman events, several cycling sportives using the product and never had an issue. Can't recommend it enough...

Excellent quality
Monday, 13 July 2020  |  Robert

Please to have bought this from Tailwind as it's of great quality

Tailwind Soft Flask
Monday, 13 July 2020  |  Paul

A must have bit of kit so easy to use and carry. Thanks Tailwind.

Tailwind Ironman Training
Monday, 13 July 2020  |  Paul

Could not recommend this product enough,itís ideal for Ironman training especially on a long bike,easy to use just pick your favourite flavour and off you go.

Virtually great
Sunday, 12 July 2020  |  Russell

Lemon flavour kept me going for four days during the Virtual Race To The Stones. Great stuff.

Really refreshing, keeps me going on long runs.
Saturday, 11 July 2020  |  Hannah

I initially started with a trial pack and liked all the flavours but especially the Green Tea Buzz, which is odd as I don't like tea. It's actually a really light, refreshing taste and not oversweet at all. I can taste a bit of salt from the electrolytes on my flask but the drink itself doesn't taste salty.
I've used it for all my marathon training runs (still waiting for the marathon!), including long runs pre breakfast, and never felt low on fuel. Now got an ultra booked so plenty more Tailwind required!
My 1st multiserve pack was on offer as short dated so a real bargain. About to buy another pack, this time at full price.

Tailwind Nutrition multi serving Berry
Friday, 10 July 2020  |  Stuart

What a product , taste great keeps you going on the long rides ... what more do you need 👏👏👏

Comfortable and good looking
Friday, 10 July 2020  |  Steven

These are the most comfortable masks Iíve tried yet. It easily covers the nose and mouth without being too tight and itís easy to breathe with it on. Plus they look good!

Keeps me going
Friday, 10 July 2020  |  Steven

Tailwind is my go to nutrition for all of my training runs and races. The flavours are great and the mix of carbohydrates and electrolytes are what I need to run mile after mile. I tried Tailwind for the first time two years ago when preparing for my first 100 mile race. Itís now part of my essential kit.

Easily dissolved and tasty
Thursday, 9 July 2020  |  Mark

Used this a few times now for post run fuelling. Very tasty and dissolves really quickly so no waiting around.

Good comfortable mask
Thursday, 9 July 2020  |  Jessica

This face mask fits well and is comfortable to wear. It doesnít irritate and breathing is not impeded at all. I gave four rather than 5 stars because just like all masks we have tried, glasses fog up with the mask on. If youíre looking for a face mask for public transport, shopping or light exercise this is good value. I would think itís fine to run with too but havenít done more than jog across a car park with it on.

Great taste and mix perfectly
Thursday, 9 July 2020  |  Oliver

I really like both the Endurance Fuel mix and the Recovery mix. With the fuel mix the taste is good, not sickly like SIS or others, so while I haven't done a day long ride or run yet using it over and over, I think I would still be enjoying it by the end of the day and not craving crisps and skittle like normal. The Recovery drink mixes really easily with water and has a very rich, full taste, the kind that I'd only usually get from mixing a recovery drink with plant mix. My rating is 4 stars only because I didn't live this packaging - maybe I've lost some dexterity in my advancing years, but I struggled a little to open the Endurance Fuel and then spilt some out the top. I don't know what the packaging is made of but it feels like it may be around long after I've left the planet.

Marathon Training
Wednesday, 8 July 2020  |  Shaun

I have used this product several times on my long runs whilst marathon training. That is one marathon that was cancelled due to covid and now my second attempt. I have found the drink very gentle on the stomach with a very pleasant taste. In addition questioned I have asked about the product from the team have been answered very promptly. I would recommend this product and the recovery drink to any other runners. Not forgetting the personal touch.

Trail Running
Monday, 6 July 2020  |  Antony

Used it today for the 1st time On the 26 mile coastal trail No problems with it whatsoever No stomach Issues Easy to drink really Pleased

Game Changer
Monday, 6 July 2020  |  Ryan

I'm training for an ultra and have always struggled with nutrition on longer runs, tried all sorts of gels which are OK, except when you get some on your fingers and then you're all sticky... and then you have to keep hold of the sticky packet etc...

I heard tailwind mentioned many times, so after I really struggled with an 18 miler I decided to give it a try. 2 weeks later I ran 19 miles (I did take some gels as well) but I got to the end not feeling tired, I didn't get that hunger kicking in around 8 miles, and I just felt good at the end. I ran 20 miles a week later with no gels and again got to the end feeling good. The downside is obviously having to take a pack with you but on long runs or on the trails I always do anyway. Tailwind has revolutionised my running nutrition and I am so glad I took the plunge. I am very confident I will be able to run as far as I want with it. I tend to run quite hilly routes as well in training for ultras so it really has the power to get you through. Felt like great personal service as well with a hand written note included.

Maiden voyage
Monday, 6 July 2020  |  Alan

After hearing about Tailwind some time ago I finally placed my first order. To my delight the order arrived the next day, with a lovely hand written note welcoming me. This personal touch is a simple yet powerful way of connecting and I was immediately impressed. I bought a starter pack just to try the products out and received a variety of fuel flavours and two recovery flavours.

I am a recent convert to running and normally do between 40 to 50km per week of trail running. I completed a 26km training run the other day along the beautiful Causeway coast when I used the fuel for the first time. I was slightly nervous about using a new product and whether my body would react in a bad way but to my delight I felt great. During the run I felt stronger than normal and was cranking out the miles despite the appalling wind and rain that accompanied me! When I finished the run I felt much better than normal and was delighted that I still felt full of running.

I also had the recovery drink after I had finished to test it as well. Again the flavour was slightly different to what I was expecting with a strong under taste of coconut which was refreshing. The next day I felt great, I would normally be hobbling and moaning and groaning but I was up and at it with only limited muscle pain, in fact I was body boarding in the ocean by lunchtime! I was really impressed with the Tailwind products and I am looking forward to my next long run to use them again. Thank you Tailwind

That extra boost
Monday, 6 July 2020  |  Jane

Tailwind has been a great product for me as I have quite a sensitive stomach. The product has definitely given me a boost and kept me hydrated while on those longer runs. Also, it has a subtle taste and easy to drink. Therefore, 100% recommend this product. It also helped me on my Ď70 mileĎ a week challenge!

Tastes like cola cubes!
Sunday, 5 July 2020  |  Graeme

Taste just like cola cubes! Delicious!
Great personal service as usual.

Exactly what you want!
Thursday, 2 July 2020  |  Tim

Having spent June running every single day and covering over 500K for charity the Tailwind rebuild recovery drink was a god send.
No hassle mixing and it definitely helped to keep my muscles feeling as close to normal as they could.
Highly recommended

All you need, all day?
Wednesday, 1 July 2020  |  Leon

I have used Tailwind on events of 24hrs and regular training runs of 2+hrs. It works for me, but I must have real food also. Making sure i dont exceed calories per hour , I find Tailwind works every time this way. The team are great and you feel they really care about the product and you! Delivery is fast and reliabale every time!!

My favourite so far
Tuesday, 30 June 2020  |  Andi

Very subtle flavour and no side effects. Was recommended to me and I'm happy to recommend too

Awesomeness in a pack
Tuesday, 30 June 2020  |  Stephen

I'm so glad I tried this product.
Reading the hype I was sceptical, but I'm delighted to say that having used one Endurance Fuel pack in 500ml water for a 22 mile / 3hrs48mins run, I had all the energy I needed, and didn't feel the usual peaks of energy then troughs waiting for the next gel etc.
After the run I still felt good and energised and without the sluggishness left by my usual brand.
The serivce was great also.
I'm looking forward to the results on my first 50miler this weekend. Thank you Tailwind.

Handy in the bumbag
Monday, 29 June 2020  |  Owain

Ideal for sticking in the pack or bumbag as an additional clothing item when travelling light or racing. The logo isn't bad either!

Monday, 29 June 2020  |  Owain

Fuelling my training and races especially in warm weather. Feeling hydrated throughout. Thank you

Monday, 29 June 2020  |  Owain

Great taste, quick recovery after an intense or long run and value for money. Appreciated the personal note in my package

Poor customer service in my experience
Sunday, 28 June 2020  |  Michael

I have been using Tailwind for a number of years now and up to recently found it really good. I had some issues with my stomach when training and I didn't know if it had anything to do with the product. I tried to contact Tailwind for advice. Three separate e-mails absolutely no response. Really poor customer service.

Tailwind TriCap
Saturday, 27 June 2020  |  Darren

Was happy with the 3 truckers caps I brought from tailwind but wanted a white one. Saw the tricap and brought 2 to add to my tailwind collection. Fits perfectly and wore on one of the hottest days of the year so far on a run and got plenty of protection on my hand from sun but ventilation too. Love the nutrition products and the clothing, just wish there were more. If Brighton marathon goes ahead this year not only will I be drinking tailwind I will be wearing tailwind too. Keep up the fantastic work guys

Mild, pleasant tasting Energy drink
Friday, 26 June 2020  |  Lucy

My order arrived really quickly (with a nice touch of a handwritten note with it). The stick packs are really easy to use - just chuck one in a bottle, add the appropriate amount of water, give it a quick shake and youíre good to go. The powder dissolves rapidly giving no random lumpy bits. Iíve been using tailwind on long runs and find the taste really mild and palatable and it settles well in the stomach which is not always the case for me after a couple of hours running. I shall definitely be planning tailwind into my nutrition planning for my next ultra and am really looking forward to reducing (or even eliminating) the amount of solid food I shall have to take in. Great product. Great delivery.

So far....
Thursday, 25 June 2020  |  Keith

Tailwind was suggested by a friend who's a regular user. Tried it on three 20+ mile runs and, so far, notticeably gentler on the stomach. I'm converted!

Game Changer!
Wednesday, 24 June 2020  |  Tom

I have been looking for a solution to keep me going on my long runs for a while now, I have tried water, electrolytes, real food and gels. Whilst they help to a certain extent, I am always left either crashing at the end, or having intense highs and lows (with the gels). Tailwind gives me that steady energy all the way through my run that I just don't get with Gels etc which seem to give me spikes, followed by the inevitable crash! I used to suffer with real bad muscular pain the day after long runs too, but the recovery sachets (which taste amazing btw!) have put a stop to this. Tailwind has really helped me upped my game, I've even got my brother and a friend on board and they have done the same! The team there are so friendly and you always get a personal touch, you're not just a number. If you haven't already give it a try, it's a game changer!

Rebuild Recovery Drink
Tuesday, 23 June 2020  |  Claire

The first time Iíve tried this, it mixed really well, no lumps and not powdery. I tried the vanilla version. It tasted really nice. I like that itís mixed with water - would be really easy to mix out and about after a run if you take a bottle of 500ml of water. Love the fact that itís vegan too. Looking forward to trying the other flavours.

Multi serving Pack Raspberry Buzz
Tuesday, 23 June 2020  |  Claire

I tried this with a stick pack - I had a great (very hilly!) run using this so plumped first this flavour as a multi serving pack. I love being able to choose the serving size I like, from a small bottle to a 1 litre bladder. Itís pleasant tasting, very subtle flavoured and very palatable when running. Great personal customer service as ever with Tailwind, it arrived really quickly and well packaged.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020  |  M

I tried a sample from a friend and as a result, have ordered my own. I have not tried the 'recovery' yet, but the endurance fuel is amazing. Very effective and palatable as I find the the gels too sickly to use. I will be ordering more in the future. Also, the customer service is very personalised, which adds a nice touch.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020  |  Lizzy

Great flavours, easy to mix and no tummy issues afterwards. Only had it once and after only a 10 mile run but it was so easy to drink and enjoy. No cardboard chocolate flavour or sugar headaches just great taste.

Running - without Runs!
Tuesday, 23 June 2020  |  Lizzy

As a person who has to deal with Lymphocytic Colistis I have to be extremely careful I eat/drink so to find an Endurance Drink that I can actually drink and have no issue is a problem BUT here it is - no cramps, no nausea, no...well you can guess what other no.
Pack dissolved quickly, water bladder didn't expand to explosion stage - Flavour , Tropical Buzz, was delicious, not sickly or salty and even though my 1st run was only 10 miles (I didn't want to chance my luck!) I certainly felt as though I was capable to doing more without suddenly dragging.
Hubby had the Raspberry Buzz and his sentiments were same as mine. Both looking forward to next long run to try more

Tastes like vanilla ice cream used to
Monday, 22 June 2020  |  Peter

Vanilla Rebuild is not only the one product I trust to help me recover properly from strenuous mountain runs, but I really look forward to it - it actually tastes just like vanilla ice cream, when vanilla ice cream used to taste proper!
These days I feel inclined to put more effort into my runs so I feel Iíve really earned a Tailwind Rebuild afterwards!
Thanks Tailwind, youíve smashed it out of the park again...

Great Product. Awesome service.
Saturday, 20 June 2020  |  Graham

This is my second purchase from Tailwind and once again the service was fantastic. A personal handwritten card in with the order quickly delivered.
As for the product.. Iíve always struggled with recovery and not given it the focus it deserves. This product is great - brilliant taste which is very easy to drink and it definitely works. I can now recover properly and get home without munching a load of peanuts!!

Recovery, what recovery?!
Friday, 19 June 2020  |  Barry

No stiffness, no itchy legs which, as we all know, is brought about by depleted levels of salt, electrolytes and hydration - I was able to get on with the rest of my day without going through hours of uncomfortable recovery thanks to this product.

Friday, 19 June 2020  |  Barry

Tried the endurance fuel for the first time this week on a regular 10 mile run - previously, I struggled on the last 2/3 miles; no struggling on this run, in fact, I felt as good finishing as when I started! Wish Iíd discovered tailwind years ago.

Tuesday, 16 June 2020  |  Will

After a fair few orders of Tailwind I still canít decide on my favourite flavour... what a I do know though itís a blooming good product 👍👍

Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild Recovery Drink
Tuesday, 16 June 2020  |  Heather

Never having tried a recovery drink before but knowing i need something to help with recovery I decided to try Tailwind recovery drink as I use their Berry flavour endurance fuel for my long runs.
Took the recovery drink as soon as i got in from my run and I have noticed that i don't ache as much or wanting to eat everything in sight for 24 hours which I normally want to do, Easy to make and great flavour and will look forward to using them again.

Life Saver
Tuesday, 16 June 2020  |  Paul

I suffered from fatigue and cramp after about 30 miles. Tried several products with no change.
Since using tailwind I am able to ride greater distances with no side effects. The cramp has gone and I feel full of energy throughout my ride.
Fantastic results from a great product.
Thanks Tailwind

Like Magic
Monday, 15 June 2020  |  Conor

Just used Tailwind Endurance Fuel for the first time on a 90k cycle. I usually have trouble after 2 hours of exercise with hunger and I find gels and snacks difficult to digest. With this, I had no hunger, no drop in performance and after the ride I still wasn't particularly hungry. I've never had that before, it was like magic. I didn't need to eat anything else or take any gels. Although the taste isn't great, it is palatable. I highly recommend for any endurance activity.

Rebuild recovery drink
Monday, 15 June 2020  |  Jonathon

Tried this for the first time, really quick delivery. Ordered on the Sunday delivery Tuesday morning.

In terms of the product it tastes great and mixes well with water. It is the only post activity drink that Iíve had which mixes well with water and tastes great. Also had it with coconut milk and it was so nice just after a tough run.

Would 100% recommend.

Best tasting vegan recovery drink
Monday, 15 June 2020  |  Scott

This is by far the best tasting vegan recovery drink I've ever had. Mixes well, tastes great.

The only nutrition you need
Tuesday, 9 June 2020  |  Michael

The only product i will use on a long event, be it run, turbo session, outdoor cycle. only bought the stick packs to try a different flavour. My go to flavour at the moment is the Raspberry Buzz

Green tea
Tuesday, 9 June 2020  |  Keir

Taste really great and dissolves so easily. Used on my long bike rides and really noticed a difference in my energy levels when it came to tackling big hills later on in rides.

Excellent product
Monday, 8 June 2020  |  Shaun

Having used various gels and drinks on my long runs I couldnít find anything to help me through the sessions (without making me feel ill after). Then a friend recommended tailwind and I havenít looked back since. Excellent product, tastes great, no adverse effects during or after training. Will only ever use tailwind on my long runs from now on

Lockdown Rebuild Recovery
Monday, 8 June 2020  |  Jennifer

Never really been a fan of recovery drinks as Iíve always found them too sweet and sickly. Saying that I have been running further during lockdown and thought I needed a little recovery help. Found the Vanilla Rebuild suits me great, taste is fantastic, light on my stomach and it stops me feeling ravenous when Iím finished my run. Fantastic product and definitely part of my long run routine. Thanks !

All round marvellous!
Monday, 8 June 2020  |  Pete

Great service, even in this upside down world! Love the little notes and best wishes on the receipts.

Top that with a product that does the job. No sticky gels, no clumps of solid power, taste improves throughout the activity and the best of all, no gut issues.

Well done!

Monday, 8 June 2020  |  Andrew

When I first read about about tailwind I thought ďyou canít be seriousĒ. After reading all the reviews I realised it must be pretty good. After trying it out for myself on bike rides, long hikes and some decent runs Iím a total tailwind convert. As far as I can tell I think it really is gonna be the only endurance fuel youíll need.

Saturday, 6 June 2020  |  Darren

Brought the navy and the grey beanie ready for the long autumn and winter running. Fits a treat and canít wait to use, would love if this came in black as well. As ever tailwind team rock in their products and their service

Tailwind nutrition
Saturday, 6 June 2020  |  Darren

Just brought another 60 serving bag of tailwind nutrition this time cola flavoured. This product is great and literally all I use for my running and other activities l, has also gone down well on warm days. As always service impeccable from ten tailwind team 👍🏼

Tailwind flasks
Saturday, 6 June 2020  |  Darren

Got two in my latest order 1 free and 1 purchased. Love them so far as I thought with tailwind brand. Thank you tailwind team

Trucker cap
Saturday, 6 June 2020  |  Darren

Love these trucker caps and advertising this companyís and its amazing products. Only down side to the gap is it does feel a tad small on the head. As always amazing delivery by e tailwind team

The best for endurance
Friday, 5 June 2020  |  Jorge

I really like having Tailwind in long runs, it keeps my energy levels high on the go. Even the naked flavour tastes and I like it. I totally recommend Tailwind For extra energy on your runs.

Orange Tailwind
Friday, 5 June 2020  |  Graeme

Very quick delivery, item was dispatched within a couple of hours of placing the order.
First time fueling runs with tailwind, seems to do exactly what it says on the packet with regards fueling longer runs with no 💩 side effects👍🏻

Very Impressed!
Thursday, 4 June 2020  |  Richard

I was recommended Tailwind by a friend to use on long runs for sustained fuelling. I have had my first pack for a week now and have been very impressed with the impact from this product. No drop off in energy and no need for gels. Looking forward to trying it out on some longer runs.
Great service with a prompt delivery, really like the personal touch of your name on the pack and the hand written note! Well done Tailwind!

Great taste
Thursday, 4 June 2020  |  Sharon

The chocolate is definitely my favourite flavour, tastes good, and aids my recovery well

Fab product
Thursday, 4 June 2020  |  Sharon

Love the taste, not too much of a cola flavour, it's worked well for me on every ride.

Excellent Service
Wednesday, 3 June 2020  |  Jon

Placed my order yesterday morning 2nd June and it arrived 3rd June, 20 mins ago. Very unexpected as it normally takes 3 -4 days.
Also using Tailwind only (as well as the odd cup of tea too), I have managed to run consecutively for most early mornings and gone over 100 miles in 10 days. No breakfast. Just Tailwind before, during and recovery after. Not going to lie I did feel tired the last couple of days due to fatigue, not hunger or thirst. So yes, well chuffed with this product and service. Thank you.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020  |  Nick

Especially in the hot weather we've been having of late, on longer runs this stuff is fabulous. A real game-changer, thank you!

Tuesday, 2 June 2020  |  Kevin

Love the hat and design only thing that is stopping it getting a 5 * is the fact it's a bit on the small side.

Mixes easily, tastes good works extremely well
Tuesday, 2 June 2020  |  Vikki

The best recovery shake out there. Youíll never need to try any other recovery shake again,

Wouldnít use any other
Tuesday, 2 June 2020  |  Paul

Since I Ďfoundí Tailwind last year I wouldnít use any other product. After using the Pouches Iíve now moved up to the multi serving packs which are reallly convenient and come with a dosing spoon in the pack..Iíve Really enjoyed The berry flavours though all taste pretty good! Just completed the Centurion 100 over 7 days and fuelled all the way by Tailwind!

Super product super service
Tuesday, 2 June 2020  |  Kevin

If only every company took the time and detail to make there customers feel loved and appreciated the way these guys do. Even in these strange times.

Received my order in super quick time and I was away on the trails using this super product. It looks like the stomach cramps are a thing of the past now so far so good far better than anything else I've ever tried before.

I'm a convert
Tuesday, 2 June 2020  |  Adam

After years of using gels with very limited success / enjoyment I tried tailwind energy fuel and recovery drink. Quite honestly they are both incredible. The energy drink is all you need to fuel a long run / ride and is very tasty as well. The recovery drink is also delicious and really helps with the DOMs! Will never use anything else from now on.

Adjusting dosages is key
Friday, 29 May 2020  |  Dylan

It took a few attempts to get into having an energy drink (rather than a gel, or solid food). The key for me was to half the amount that I added to 500ml

Very satisfying
Friday, 29 May 2020  |  Dylan

I've been regularly using recovery drinks since I started triathlons... initially milk based, then soya. This is the only recovery product that I've had that actually leaves me feeling satisfied, without any sugar crashes. Even after a fasted 22 miler, this took care of my appetite until I got round to making breakfast

Tailwind nutrition
Friday, 29 May 2020  |  Steven

This product has been a game changer with not myself but my wife uses this, there are no unpleasant side affects no upset gut and no sickening after taste.

starter park
Friday, 29 May 2020  |  Richard

Recently purchased a starter pack, couldnt be more pleased! loved it and noticed a difference to my performance especially on the longer runs. Will be buying some more soon!!

Endurance fuel
Thursday, 28 May 2020  |  Georgina

Having bought the multipack previously, my favourite being the lemon flavour, seemed easier to buy the multi serving, as I've managed to up my mileage whilst being furloughed. Easy to drink, no cramps, no need to take food either.

Let down by Water Bottles!
Wednesday, 27 May 2020  |  Samuel

The nutritional products are great! I have used them regularly now for the last 3-4 years. I can use Tailwind energy products all day, on a long hard bike ride, without experiencing any stomach or gut issues, nausea etc etc. (unlike my experience with SIS & High-5 products). However, Tailwind water bottles are very poor value i.e. a £12.95 bottle which leaks much more than a £3.95 bottle from my local bike store (& I've tried more than one!). Hence the reason my rating is not 5 stars.

Best hat ever!
Tuesday, 26 May 2020  |  Robert

So I don't usually wear hats for several reasons, some being that they just are far too uncomfortable and never seem to fit properly. I always seem to take them of within 10 mins of running but this hat is now a permanent feature of my running kit and running day in the heat! So comfortable, lightweight and stops those pesky drops of sweat working there way into my eyes. Boooom! What a buy! Tailwind you have done it again!

Very impressed
Tuesday, 26 May 2020  |  Sharon

Was recommended by a friend of mine to try this product. Before buying I contacted Mike and he gave me advice on what to start off with and also good information about how to take the product and introduce it into my rides. I ordered the multi pack just to try the different flavours, I've only tried the Green Tea with caffeine so far and was really impressed, there's not too much flavour, which is great and the product didn't leave with a bloated feeling, which I normally get from other products. The chocolate rebuild was surprisingly nice, again not too chocolatey and again didn't leave me with that bloated or "windy" after affect I normally get. I'm looking forward to trying the other flavours.

First time using Tailwindís products
Monday, 25 May 2020  |  Tony

Following fellow zwifters recommendations I have given this product a try . Most flavours are drinkable but I didnít like the green tea drink . I still have some to try but I did like the chocolate recovery which worked for me . Doing a longer ride today and will see how they work . So far so good .

It tastes really funny
Saturday, 23 May 2020  |  Liz

I have just started using this flavour from Raspberry and to me it tastes really unpleasant with a funny aftertaste. I am sure Ive tried it before in a sachet and it was fine.

Berry flavour.
Friday, 22 May 2020  |  David

This is the first time I've tried berry flavour & it's really nice. For my 14 mile run last Monday, I mixed two spoonfuls of the berry mix to half a litre of water. I took two half litre bottles on my run with me & they kept me going throughout my run. The taste is nice & Tailwind keeps me hydrated. It was a hot sunny day & I ran over the South Downs. I sipped the Tailwind every now & again during my run & I never felt thirsty or the dreaded "hunger knock" coming on.

Vanilla rebuild stick pack
Friday, 22 May 2020  |  Tony

Hi Mike and all at Tailwind, I hope you are all keeping well.
I have used the chocolate rebuild regularly for a couple of years now and I recon it really does speed up my recovery, I saw the offer for the vanilla and gave it try, nice flavour and handy pack size for trying it out. Best wishes Tony C

Tailwind Nutrition 500ml Soft Flask
Thursday, 21 May 2020  |  Warren

Solf flask makes it easy for carrying be it in hand or vest. Bottle top is strong and easy to use whilst running 👍

Tailwind Endurance Fuel and Recovery Starter pack
Thursday, 21 May 2020  |  Warren

Great buy for a first timer user, plenty of flavours easy to use and works great,got 8 different flavours massivly helps before jumping in to buy bulk 👍#mynewfuel

Tailwind Rebuild
Wednesday, 20 May 2020  |  Sam

I used this for the 1st time at the weekend, I bought a stick in each flavour to try out, as with the other Tailwind products it was so easy to mix up and tasted great.....would I buy it again? ABSOLUTELY!

Tailwind stick pack
Wednesday, 20 May 2020  |  Sam

I love this product, so easy to use and never upsets my stomach, great flavour too!

Trial pack
Wednesday, 20 May 2020  |  Sarah

I ordered the pack following several recommendations from other runners. The sticks were ideal to pop into my handbag and add to my bottle for my runs after work. Nice clean and no mess. They have a nice subtle taste too, so theyíre easy to drink and kept me well hydrated during my runs! Even with the virus out and about, my order was packed up and delivered within a few days and included email updates and a personalised note with my order! I highly recommend the tailwind products Iím still working my way through the flavours but so far the orange and berry are my favourites

The fuel ever !!
Wednesday, 20 May 2020  |  Elizabeth

Tailwind nutrition gives all you need for a long bike or run .... no need to carry gels .
No tummy issues and good flavors to choose from.
Used for Ironman training & racing .... would recommend 😃

Great Product and Awesome Personal Service
Tuesday, 19 May 2020  |  Graham

Having been recommended Tailwind I gave them a try and from the initial order to receiving the product the service has been great - friendly, personal and quick. I now feel like part of an exclusive club or family!
The product itself seems great - I have used one of the fuel packs on a 2hr ride, and felt great (I'm sure this is down partly to my training, but...). Mixes without any residue and the taste (at least on the pack I tried) was subtle and easy to digest.
Can't wait for some more long sessions to give more of the fuel packs a go.

Really pleased
Monday, 18 May 2020  |  Tim

This arrived quickly and has a good range of flavours. I have only tried the berry one and the chocolate recovery drink so far but both tasted good and settled in my stomach well. I ran my longest ever run and felt a lot better than I did when I previously ran 2km less. I felt better while running, seemed to recover quicker and didnít feel as washed out for the rest of the day. I can see myself ordering some more when the trial packs run out.

Amazing stuff
Monday, 18 May 2020  |  Jacqueline

I love tailwind products, they all taste amazing and I would never dream of doing an ultra race without my tailwind.

Chocolate Rebuild
Monday, 18 May 2020  |  Nina

Love this!
So tasty, just like a delicious chocolate milkshake.
Not gritty at all, mixes well and I felt great after my run, when usually Iíll feel a bit weak and shaky.

Endurance Fuel & Recovery Pack
Monday, 18 May 2020  |  Nina

What an ideal way to get started! Love Tailwind And I wanted to buy a pouch, but I havenít tried all the flavours Yet so was unsure on which one to get. This pack is a great way to find your favourite one and get to sample a mix of caffeinated and non to see what works best for you!

Starter Pack
Monday, 18 May 2020  |  J

Iíve decided to purchase a Mixed pack with recovery drink to try. Never used any recovery products , I just felt after long runs I needed something more to help muscles and restore protein quickly.
Like the Endurance Fuel so easy to mix up.
Just more water 500ml and drink within 30 minutes of exercise.
Vanilla flavour was pleasant and easy to drink.
Defiantly found it helps with energy level and I will purchase again.
Main reason to for using Tailwind is its so gentle on your stomach. Never any problems with endurance or recovery.
Happy customer. Many thanks

Trial pack review
Sunday, 17 May 2020  |  Gareth

So there is an massive choice of sports products and all the manufacturers want a piece of the action, there marketing agents work hard to ensure we have the next best product to enhance endurance/speed/health, so I did my research and spoke with other runners and the same name kept coming up, this was Tailwind, it seemed so simple, no need to gels or addition tablets added to a drink, just add the powder to 500ml of water and off you go, enough for 1-2 hours, this sounds perfect, so off I set on a steady 1/2 marathon today, I took gels and a couple of biscuits along with 500ml of Tailwind, well put simply the gels are still in my hydration vest, I did have a nibble on the biscuits but that was more just because they were there, so an all round success in my eyes, I tried the tropical buzz and felt alert but not over the top from the caffeine, no side effects, the 500ml got me round just under 2:30 (I did say it was a steady Sunday 1/2!) with no issues. Once I got home I set about trying one of the rebuild recovery.....Wow Iíve always just stuffed my face with anything to hand post run, this rebuild recovery was very inpressive, it mixed well with the water, I tried the vanilla and it sat very well in my stomach, I felt satisfied and it was very easy to drink, I throughly recommend trying it, much lighter than dairy, sorry chocolate milk, and not heavy, yet leaves you feeling satisfied, I will definitely be getting more of this. I have the other flavours to work through but think I may well sway towards one of the caffeinated products as I like the little lift I get from them, so the final twist is that I have Crohns, I guess thatís why I wanted to try these out, it is difficult to find a product that works without causing GI issues, well this is it, I canít guarantee it will work for everyone, but it appears to sit better with me than most Gels, try it you have nothing to lose.

Tailwind Nutrition
Saturday, 16 May 2020  |  Jonny

I was told about your Tailwind last year just before I did Ironman Weymouth, I ordered the 4 pack special (50) scoop and had lasted up to now and it worked an absolute treat. I had entered IM Bolton this year but due to this pandemic IM has be cancelled until next year but all my training I have been using Tailwind for all my long/short rides and also long runs and feel that Iím slightly addicted to this as the flavors are brilliant.

I think that your website is great and very true to its word, I do not feel like I could swap to another brand as this does everything I need and more.

I would like to just finish off by saying thank you and just to let you know I had recommended this product to all my friends and family including my famous niece Laura Crane and great instagram blogger Sophie grace Holmes was also doing IM.

Amazing product and 5* customer service!
Friday, 15 May 2020  |  Clair

Absolutely love this product, Iíve worked my through all the flavours in the starter pack and there isnít a single one I didnít like, even the green tea which I was sceptical about! All the flavours are really mild not like other sugary products on the market and seem to be really kind on the stomach. The tricky bit is working out my favourite flavours, think itís got to be Colorado cola. Will definitely be ordering more, can highly recommend!

Great for long events
Wednesday, 13 May 2020  |  Lewis

Really easy to carry and use during long events. Dissolves quickly when topping up bottles

Great taste and works
Wednesday, 13 May 2020  |  Lewis

I struggle to take on enough solid food and hydrate at the same time so this is the perfect solution. Tastes great as well.

Service and product review
Wednesday, 13 May 2020  |  Andrew

Iíve long been a keen hiker, mountaineer and occasional alpinism and my pals and I have always been on the search for better gels, snacks etc that can keep us going so Iíve long been aware of quite a few products. Only recently, after turning my attention to running did I see how complex balancing nutrition, energy and hydration etc could be. Even more so than with alpinism so I when I heard an ultra runner talk glowingly about tailwind I thought that I must check it out. It sounded well too good to be true but, I was sold on the idea that I would only ever potentially need one product to replace all the gels, protein bars and salt tablets that have been costing me a fortune. Itís early days yet but, the taste is mellow and refreshing and it seems to be working fine in terms of keeping energy levels up, hunger low and no belly aches though Iíve to test it over a whole day yet. This really does seem like a game changer for all my sports in terms of performance, financial savings and also time whilst performing.

The service feels very personalised and not corporate and false like many other products and the customer service is top rate. So far, I canít rate tailwind the product and the company highly enough.

Great product
Wednesday, 13 May 2020  |  Vivienne

Easy to use, gentle on the stomach & definitely make a difference to my overall performance! Havenít found a flavour I donít like!

Great stuff
Monday, 11 May 2020  |  Amanda

Used to get upset stomach and feel dreadful on long runs till i started using tailwind. Does exactly what it says on the packet. I wont use anything else.

It worked!!
Monday, 11 May 2020  |  BEA

Iíve been looking for a form of nutrition and electrolyte replacement that would not upset my tummy which has been the most challenging part of preparing for a half marathon! Touch wood it seems Tailwind has done the trick! In addition, good service, fast delivery and even a personal message. Thank you!

Amazing service even under lockdown
Monday, 11 May 2020  |  Michelle

I'd never ordered a Tailwind product before and under the current situation I wasn't expecting very prompt delivery. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received an email soon after ordering explaining the staffing situation and how soon I could expect my delivery. A couple of days later it turned up.
I've only tried one of the stick packs (on a 14 mile run) and it kept me fuelled the whole way. Wasn't 100% blown away by the salty taste but it was better than being too sweet, or saccharine. I'm feeling more confident about my next long run and will obviously give the other flavours a try.

Tailwind Nutrition
Saturday, 9 May 2020  |  Frederick

Huge thank you to Mike and his staff at Tailwind Nutrition, the best nutrition I've had and fantastic on my stomach. I'm on my 6th Large (50) serving bag, I've used this for all my events from Ironman to just my daily cycle and running training.
The flavours are just divine and far supirier than most of all the drinks you get at races.
Very quick at getting your nutrition out to you via the post and very helpful via email and phone.
Fantastic work guys i have recommended Tailwind to all my athlete friends and will keep on doing so. )

Tastes great with no stomach issues
Monday, 4 May 2020  |  Marshall

Tailwind has become my new go to for calories whilst training. Im type 1 diabetic so it's essential that I keep my blood sugars up whilst running, tailwind is making it much easier to get the carbs I need where as gels in the past have been overly sweet and difficult to stomach.

Monday, 4 May 2020  |  Paul

I have used tailwind before on my ist 100.mile sportive and thats all i needed. No bars non gels just tailwind.

New sensation
Monday, 27 April 2020  |  Quin

Having increased my running distance I was not looking forward to consuming more energy gels, 2 at a push is bearable - too sweet & sickly the longer the run. I had read about Tailwind quite some time ago and took the plunge to try them out. Went on a 20k run to try - initially couldn't taste much but as time went on the mild flavour came through and very pleasant it was too. This is a new technique sipping regular small amounts and makes perfect sense to keep the energy levels topped up. After finishing I felt good and could have continued running! I'm a complete convert and so happy I made the decision to try. Looking forward to longer distances. A huge thanks to all the Tailwind team for carrying on through the COVID-19 epidemic and the excellent quick service.

Starter pack
Monday, 27 April 2020  |  Kayleigh

Absolutely brilliant, I have been running now for a couple of years and have really struggled to find a product that helps me fuel on long runs without upsetting my Crohnís disease. Tailwind is so easy on my stomach and gives me the energy I need when I need it. Tailwind is the way forwards for me

Works for me
Friday, 24 April 2020  |  Alan

The chocolate Rebuild and Recovery is keeping this old man on the road. It mixes easy and the taste is an added bonus. I've at last found something that works. Recommended.

Rebuild, the start of great recovery
Friday, 24 April 2020  |  Jason

As with other Tailwind Nutrition product, Rebuild is a great product that delivers.
Easy to mix, pleasant & subtle taste, easily digested - just what's needed after a hard training session.
Vanilla is my favourite flavour but the chocolate is not bad either! I purchased the stick form initially to try the flavours but they are also a great way to take with you to races so you can start the Rebuild process as soon as you cross that finish line.

Tailwind Nutrition Delivers
Friday, 24 April 2020  |  Jason

Fantastic product backed with exceptional & speedy customer service.
Easy to order, confirmation & delivery process seamless.
Tailwind Endurance Fuel is easy to make up, it easily mixes & dissolves in the soft flask I use. The flavour (tropical buzz) is subtle, not over powering, not sticky but enough to enjoy. Being in a liquid form it encourages consistent drinking meaning hydration & energy levels are always spot on. Best product I've ever used (& I've tried a lot!).
Thanks Mike & team........ more orders to follow.

How could this Scottish Yorkshireman resist?
Friday, 24 April 2020  |  Keith

Heavily discounted shorter-dated stock was indeed irresistible & a bargain to boot. My supplies were running low so perfectly timed to keep fuelling my CV-19 lockdown running. Really impressed with both the speedy service and continued personal touches under current circumstances - thanks and well done. Best long run fuel I've used and I really do like the subtle flavour of naked. Will be back for more in due course.

Tailwind convert
Thursday, 23 April 2020  |  Nev

Have been a convert to tailwind for the last 6 months and have found this product revolutionary for me.
Very easy on the stomach,not sweet,simple tastes and easy to mix immediately providing for me the right amount of energy giving properties for 1hr plus riding,great product and fantastic service from the team

Do not train without it!
Wednesday, 22 April 2020  |  Emma

Been using for a year now I think and can highly recommend. Just started using the caffeine options which work well too. Next to start trying to mix flavours as well as I hear that is good. Either way no cramp and trumping on a run = satisfaction for all!

Great product
Tuesday, 21 April 2020  |  Michael

Makes all the difference for endurance training

Yummy Recovery Protein
Tuesday, 21 April 2020  |  Jim

It mixes easily (not lumpy), tastes great, perfect sweetness. Works well with water or milk and some fruit. I genuinely am feeling the benefits, less muscle soreness after long runs. Great stuff thanks.

Really does what it says on the tin!
Tuesday, 21 April 2020  |  Dara

Iím relatively new to trail and distance running but always struggle with nutrition for longer distances as I always feel best running on an empty stomach.

Thatís fine for shorter distances but as my long run distance was increasing, I found it tougher to avoid the dreaded Ďbonkí.

After hearing about tailwind on a few running pages and the odd podcast, I decided to give it a go and ordered some of the Colorado Cola and some of the natural also. I filled my hydration pack with 2.5l and set out for my first 50k effort - a solo run - last weekend. I also took some jellies and a bit of chocolate to have to hand.

What a result! I made it out and back with no issues at all, managed to keep a steady pace for the whole run and no bonking!! Oh, I also made it back home with the jellies and chocolate intact and untouched!

The Colorado cola has a great taste and really did what it claims - it was all I needed for just under 5hrs of constant running. No GI issues and most of all, no crashing. Iíd highly recommend Tailwind for anyone pushing the distance - itís been a revelation for me.

Tailwind Berry
Monday, 20 April 2020  |  Paul

A friend of mine recently recommended Tailwind and I tried the lemon flavourbefore and liked it. This one Berry flavour Wow !! Does exactly what i wanted. Previously I'd take gels and sweets and mouth would dry up and i wouldnt be enjoying my Long runs. tailwiand gives me everything i need without the need for gels etc. Love it use it all the time now , im a new customer but will be using Tailwind frm now on. Thanks

Recovery Run
Monday, 20 April 2020  |  Paul

What can i say. Normally after a run i would have a protein shake and or a banana to help me particularly after a half marathon. i usually feel quite bloated and if im honest a bit nauseous . taking the recovery packs i find that im fine and no issues . I feel good afterwards and i can get about the rest of my day not feeling awful.

Perfect for the long trails
Saturday, 18 April 2020  |  Roger

Bought a large bag of Raspberry Buzz. Love it. Great taste and really good value when you buy the 1kg bag. Got out for a trail marathon and had no issues at all with nutrition.

Thursday, 16 April 2020  |  Roslyn

Love this! Iíve very fussy tastebuds and hate anything sweet. I find this so refreshing. Like all the other Tailwind products it also gives me the energy I need for long distance triathlon training and racing - as they say..... all you need all day.....

Tailwind multiserving tropical flavour
Wednesday, 15 April 2020  |  Jan

I love tailwind. I cant get over the fact I can run a few miles without any other sort of nutrition, I have used gels in the past, but got bloated and stomach aches. There is no problem at all with tailwind. I will definitely keep using it, and try some different flavours too. Thank you Tailwind

The best endurance fuel created!
Monday, 6 April 2020  |  Derren

I recently purchased some of the Tropical Buzz Tailwind after purchasing a mixed pack of tailwind flavours. I instantly fell in love with the product and it really helped me for my training runs (20+ miles). The taste is awesome, it mixes well and literally leaves me with no stomach issues at all. The hardest part for me was choosing the flavour. After trying 8 differnt flavours I am yet to find one that I do not like! 100% recommend this product and company. The delivery was next day and I even had an email to apologise about the personal service not being completed due to COVID-19.

Rebuild - better than all the rest
Wednesday, 1 April 2020  |  Jane

Used other leading brands before trying this; I use Endurance Fuel for long runs so decided to give it a go. Was initially dubious about the apparently small amount of protein but it works. Tastes great and definitely aids recovery - I run 60+ miles a week over 6 days and this ensures that I'm fully recharged every time.

Fast Delivery
Monday, 30 March 2020  |  Dylan

A bit early to review the product (as we are in lockdown, so I've not been able to test), however, the delivery was really quik... I can't wait to try these when the world returns to normal!

Customer Service
Monday, 30 March 2020  |  Kiernan

Mike, Richard and team are lovely people who genuinely care about those that buy tailwind through them.
I had heard about tailwind from so many people saying how good it was, but Iím an old sceptic - so it took me a long time to try it.
I recently got the 8 pack trial kit, and genuinely couldnít decide on which flavour to get, as they were all pretty decent and in the end I went for the raspberry and for the lemon. So a mixture of caffeinated and not.
Normally I canít take anything caffeinated whilst exercising and certainly no gels on a run. But so far so good with both of these products.

Accurate, easy fuelling
Sunday, 29 March 2020  |  Liz

I have been using Tailwind for about 6 months. Ordered the carb and electrolyte single serving in lemon flavour to give me a choice of non caffeine mix. I usually would choose a flavour like this but I found the lemon flavour very very mild. So if you like a light, delicate flavour, this may suit you but for me, Iím going to stick with my favourite flavour that is the ĎRaspberry Buzzí with caffeine. This is an amazing product that lets you tailor the amount of calories required for your session.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020  |  Carol

Great way to try tailwind and test out all the flavours! Love the fact that I can get up in the morning and head straight out the door knowing Iíll have enough fuel for a long run. No stomach issues either.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020  |  Carol

Really great tasting vegan recovery drink

Great product
Wednesday, 25 March 2020  |  Chelsea

Really would recommend this product and the customer service from Tailwind is top notch too!

Impressive, would have opted for non-caffeine next time
Tuesday, 17 March 2020  |  Nick

As with all supplements / endurance fuel products, finding one that suits your needs is key. Speaking to other ultra runners, this can often boil down to whether it sits well in your stomach, and the 'icky-ness' (or not) of the flavours. I tried the caffeinated pack, and have found so far that the flavours are varied and palatable, and that generally they've been fine. With hindsight, I would have gone for non caffeinated, as I find them quite strong (but please be aware that I don't drink coffee normally, so the effect probably feels disproportionately strong). If you like the 'kick' the caffeine gives you for very long / early runs, this might be perfect for you.

Big thanks to my friend!!!
Monday, 16 March 2020  |  Mark

My mate recommended this product to me as he used it for a 100km ultra marathon, he could not recommend it highly enough to me. I am taking part in a 100km ultra myself in September and eating is something I find hard to incorporate into my runs. So I bought a bag to try on one of my training runs. I done a 25 mile run and I couldnít believe the energy and alertness it gave me and also I didnít feel hungry once. I will definitely be buying more!!!!!

Great starter pack
Monday, 16 March 2020  |  Michelle

This arrived quickly and through door so even easier! Great range of flavours to try and great taste. definitely buying more of my favourites

Not great
Monday, 16 March 2020  |  Siobhan

Could not use this as found it very hard to open so I could drink on the run, and when I left it open a little I was drownded.

Monday, 16 March 2020  |  Laura

Just wow. This stuff is amazing. I didn't use any gels or bloks on my long run and I got lots of PBs!!!!!!

Are you missing out?!
Saturday, 14 March 2020  |  Trevor

If youíre reading this and have yet to try tailwind, then simply put you really are missing out! I was put onto it by a friend back in December and have found it to make a real difference to my performance. I tried the multi-packs first to find the right flavour for me, although in truth they were all good! I generally use 3/4 the recommend amount for long training runs, saving that little extra boost of a full dose for the big day!!! 👌🏻👍🏻

Protects well
Saturday, 14 March 2020  |  Stephen

Living and running on the windy coast this neck warmer has helped stop the chilly gusts doing their worst!

Beanie and Sauce
Friday, 13 March 2020  |  Christopher

Having been out of UK working in the Middle East for the past 2 years, I couldnít wait to get into the countryside and hills of Scotland and back into some serious running - Iíd even missed the rain and wind! Having not been comfortable ordering Tailwinds into the country I was based in, placing an order for my favourite berry flavour 50 serving bag once back home, was one of my top priorities. So Iíve been running with it for the last two weeks now and Iím delighted to report it still works. When Iím using it I swear I turn into one of these copper coloured top, batteries.... 🙂 on and on.... and on. Itís remarkable how well it works. I really donít need or use anything else. I go on about it so much my wife has started to put a scoop in her water bottle when heading out to the gym - Iím ok with the one scoop. Anyway, to ice the cake, I also received a great quality beanie with my last order - great for keeping my ears warm in these north east winds. Thanks for the great products and great service 🙏🏼

The Game Changer
Wednesday, 11 March 2020  |  Kate

I am new to running and Iím just about the embark on my first running event. I have learnt that fuelling on the long runs is important to master so I have been trying different brands to see which one suited me. The quick answer to that is none of them! I had heard about Tailwind on a FB group so decided to give it a try. I ordered a Starter Pack which arrived within a few days of ordering, complete with a personalised hand written message and ĎGo Kateí written on the inside of the box! I was already a fan and I hadnít even tried the product! Anyway, my long run day had arrived and I prepared my Tailwind fuelling. All I can say is Wow, Wow, Wow. The flavours are great, easy on the stomach and they kept me going throughout my 3 hour run. My pace improved significantly and I was amazed at the distance I was able to run without feeling as fatigued as I had done previously. On finishing my run, I made sure to have my recovery shake which was just as easy to drink, flavoursome and allowed me to recover more quickly. I have definitely found my fuelling.....thank you Tailwind for the product, fantastic customer service and speedy delivery.

Wish Iíd of found tailwind sooner!!! Love this
Tuesday, 10 March 2020  |  Keighley

This is perfect if like me you prefer one flavour. Iím currently marathon training and Iím planning on using tailwind on the day. It doesnít give you any stomach problems as some of the gels do and it tastes a lot nicer. It also had my name on it which is a nice little touch

Wouldn't use anything else!
Tuesday, 10 March 2020  |  Steph

This is my 3rd order and I can't rate it highly enough! Does exactly what it says on the tin with not gut bombs or the need to take gels or bloks or anything else that you used to use! Got me round a marathon and plenty of half's successfully... The only product on the market that I can guarantee will do what it claims too. Try it you won't be disappointed... Great customer service too 😁

Hydrapak Speedcup...
Monday, 9 March 2020  |  Mischa

Weirdly, despite being made out of jelly this really DOES stand up on its own when it is full of water, and we are all such sad geeks here we all had to have a go at drinking out of it : Small and dinky, squashes to nothing, peculiarly entertaining and just the ticket for an upcoming cupless race. Moreover though, you can mix up tailwind to a syrup in it and squish the rim into a spout to pour the liquid into a hydrapak flask without getting powder everywhere, so worth getting one just for that I reckon

Amazing product
Monday, 9 March 2020  |  Nicole

This is my first big bag after working through 2 trial packs. I only use it on runs that are above 6 miles. Its definitely made my longer runs feel more comfortable and i feel better after the run too.

Quick and Easy recovery
Saturday, 7 March 2020  |  Richard

Loving the Vanilla recovery drink after a tough 20mile run today. quick and easy to mix, great taste and light on stomach yet eases the after run hunger.

Same great product, different size!
Friday, 6 March 2020  |  Paul

Moved from stick packs to multiserving after ordering recovery in the multiserving packs. Great delivery time, personalised note as well and a free buff too boot!

Spurts of energy
Friday, 6 March 2020  |  Cheryl

I have tried using gels and energy drinks but nothing worked so I wasnít expecting this product to do anything either. Well that presumption was so very wrong. I get bursts of energy throughout my runs and Iíve had surprising times as well. My energy levels get very low at times because Iíve been through Chemo and now Iím on immunotherapy so this product has been a godsend on my long runs. The flavours are great which most other gels etc are not very tasty. I canít fault it. Very impressed. So thank you for my energy. I Will definitely be using this during the London 2020 marathon.

Awesome hat
Friday, 6 March 2020  |  Graeme

Love the trucker cap, looks the part and fits really comfortably. Highly recommend it. Canít wait to wear it at next event now!!! And it was delivered with the usual Flawless service from tailwind. Lovely personal touches make a real difference and itís so prompt and reliable

Thursday, 5 March 2020  |  Mike

So far so good I'm really impressed easy to drink not very sweet like other ones I've tried I'm converted keeps me fueled on my runs

Excellent service
Wednesday, 4 March 2020  |  Shirley

I ordered a starter pack to share with my daughter as I help her prepare for Brighton marathon. Easy to order from the site, speedy delivery and a lovely little personal message. We are still choosing our favourite flavour but I have just ordered some more Rebuild Recovery as we both loved it.Many thanks.

Quality product.
Wednesday, 4 March 2020  |  Paul

Loved this neat soft flask. Excellent mouth peice. Just place in your mouth pinch together with a little squeez, and let the juice flow. Compacts down great for storage.
Can't wait to try the smaller ones when there in stock.

Vanilla recovery drink
Wednesday, 4 March 2020  |  Fiona

Loved the vanilla flavour recovery drink after my long snowy run at the weekend. Great tasting and no upset stomach later. Can't wait till next weekend to try out some of the other flavours. Thank you

Great product and great customer service
Tuesday, 3 March 2020  |  Sarah

Fantastic customer service and quick delivery with a personal touch. Bought a bigger pack as Iím using more and chose orange as itís a nice flavour

Miracle Stuff
Tuesday, 3 March 2020  |  Sarah

The recovery drinks are amazing! They taste better than any others I have tried and they definitely stop the post run hunger. I feel great after my long runs and the tailwind absolutely aids my recovery. I highly recommend this to you.

Very convenient
Tuesday, 3 March 2020  |  Victoria

Handy to have individual portions in packets, particularly when travelling to races. Orange flavour is subtle, but really lovely - my favourite!

Excellent product and customer service
Tuesday, 3 March 2020  |  Joan

I am fairly new at using Tailwind but it is great really easy to use and gentle no GI issues. A brilliant product that's not a gel!

Great Recovery
Monday, 2 March 2020  |  Rosie

I loved the Chocolate Recovery one, I did 4 hours training today and not only I'm feeling good but the taste was very pleasant, not too sweet or full of artificial flavours. Great product, very pleased.

Great Product & Amazing Customer Service
Monday, 2 March 2020  |  Vicki

Love the personal touch from the Tailwind team! A little 'Good Luck' card for your next race in with the order and your product personalised on the bag! Lovely little touches - and, of course, the product is fantastic too! Thank you!

Great product, Fabulous customer Service
Monday, 2 March 2020  |  Claire

Absolutely wonderful service from placing the order through to a lovely follow up email wishing me luck in my race. The product is so simple to use, and really did seem to put the wind in my stride, with a PB of nearly 7minutes gained! No issues with my tummy and I felt great. Can't wait to reorder.

Tastes great
Monday, 2 March 2020  |  Hayley

I love this recovery drink. Iíve previously tried another brand which upsets my stomach but Iíve had no problems with the tailwind and it tastes great, like a chocolate milkshake.

Thumbs Up From Me
Friday, 28 February 2020  |  Alan

Tried the trial packs to get an idea of what flavours Iíd like. Lemon was the surprise one for me as not generally a fan of lemon flavoured things. Ordered multi packs of that and lemon. Iíve struggled with post run ďwashing machineĒ stomach but my first few runs using Tailwind Iíve not had this problem. I also managed to keep getting it onboard even once I was at the point where Iíd usually not be able to drink anything. So all good for me so far. Longer runs coming up so hoping for the same results. Just need to find solid food I can eat mid race now 😁

Excellent product and service
Friday, 28 February 2020  |  Helen

After trying the trial packs decided that this flavour was my favourite, just the right depth of flavour and not sweet. Service was very fast and efficient, lovely personal hand written note, which made me smile 😀 Would heartily recommend tailwind.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020  |  Keighley

Love this product, tastes good, not to strong and didnít have an upset stomach

Trying Tailwind
Wednesday, 26 February 2020  |  Donna

A fantastic new fuel source for me. I sipped little and often, on my 14-mile training run and I felt great, during and after my run.

No need for gels and post-run crash I usually get didn't happen! I'm really looking forward to my next long run.

New to Tailwind
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  |  Susan

I used Tailwing for the first time today, my first 2 miles were like running up a treacle river (mainly due to the wind and coming back from illness) however after 40 mins and taking sips of Tailwind I could feel my energy levels rising. I am looking forward to trying more of these and practising for the Manchester Marathon

Recovery chocolate
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  |  Karen

First time using a product like this and after running 22 miles battered by the winds ,this was delicious .Felt great the next day like I hadn't done one anything will defo use on my Ultra training runs .

Beanie hat
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  |  Karen

This hat looked great loved the tailwind logo across the front .However I don't wear beanies would of rather had a pair of small arm sleeves as a choice as this seems a bit aimed at males .But I will be gifting it to someone 😁

Tailwind use
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  |  Alan

Starting training for couple of 100 mile bike rides April and May. Mainly been on turbo trainer due to weather however first outdoor ride for a while last Sunday . Snow on the trails and -3 with high winds and sleet. Only fuel was Tailwind and despite burning more calories than normal it kept me going even though I did not use all of it during the ride. Also plan on taking it on turbo mid week days a few hours before training session

Really is all I use all day
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  |  Gareth

Vital part of my 2020 Ironman preparation, enables a long ride to be completed without a cafe stop. My favourite is the berry but have tried all the flavours and like them all.

Short date Massive Savings
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  |  Gareth

Purchased as it was too cheap to walk away, love the fact this is completely neutral. My wife canít stomach anything sweet so this fills a perfect nutrition place for her quest to become an iron(wo)man. Excellent product and excellent delivery

Speedy Delivery
Monday, 24 February 2020  |  Claire

Arrived two days after ordering, well packaged with a hand written note. Have tried a couple so far, looking forward to trying the others. Very impressed with the service and the product.

Fit for recovery purpose
Monday, 24 February 2020  |  Chris

Used the subtle chocolate flavour after tough 3 hour bike, easily taken with water, think the salt, sugars and protein mix is a hit for quick absorbtion. Had another serving on the monday after swim and run with milk for bit more of milkshake treat.

Monday, 24 February 2020  |  Steven

As ever a brill service, delivered within a couple of days.

Iíve used Tailwind for a number of years and as a poor eater during long distance races it really does keep me going.

Naked but tasty
Monday, 24 February 2020  |  Chris

Didnt know what to expect without a flavour but this tastes just fine without, not sweet or salty just right I guess.

Personal touch!
Monday, 24 February 2020  |  Andrew

This company is more than just about endurance fueling - I love my warm beanie for those cold mornings. This is a personal company that wants to help you achieve your goals and find out how to help. Keep up the good work.

Great Beanie
Monday, 24 February 2020  |  Stephen

Well made, does the job and protects my bald head in the wind!!

Works a treat
Monday, 24 February 2020  |  Stephen

Ran a very testing windy half marathon and having had this recovery drink I feel fine today and got a PB in the race - really helped I feel

Monday, 24 February 2020  |  Mary

No carrying loads of stuff around with you on a run, just a bottle of drink to keep you going and the flavour is not overpoweringly sweet like some gels!

Flavoursome recovery
Monday, 24 February 2020  |  Mary

I don't know if it helped me recover after a windy half marathon, but I did get home, put the washing in, hang it out, bring it in and do the ironing later in the day! Oh, it tastes good as well!

Monday, 24 February 2020  |  Katy

I discovered tailwind after struggling to find the correct nutrition for long distance triathlon. I bonked on a long training ride and had the issues of not knowing which end my nutrition wanted to come out of! Since I have been using tailwind I haven't had any of these issues. I love the fact that I don't need to think about anything else because it really is all you need! I love the green tea flavour and I've just bought some tropical flavour which is also really nice. Not too sweet and synthetic tasting.
Try it, trust me, you won't be disappointed 🙂

Great service
Monday, 24 February 2020  |  Simon

Fantastic fast service with a nice personal touch. Great products at a good price. Will buy again.