Transalpine Adventurers

Here at Tailwind UK and Tailwind Germany we are proud to be supporting the 'Team Gore Running Wear – Gore Adventure Runners' duo of Kev Foster and Jamie Ramsay as they tackle one of the hardest multi-stage trail run events in the world.

Four countries.

Two runners.

One week.

The Gore-Tex Transalpine run is a race few other events can match. On the 3rd of September Kev Foster and Jamie Ramsay will begin this behemoth of a race across the Alps. Between them and the finish line lies 263km of alpine paths, over 15,000m of ascent, 14,000m of descent, 3 border crossings and an estimated 48 hours of running. 

Not exactly your usual Sunday morning run then.

Which is why the pair needed a reliable fuel for their run. Unsatisfied with gels and other sports nutrition products on the market, Jamie and Kev took to the mountains to field test Tailwind on a 60km training weekend, and like so many others, were promptly won over by Tailwind. Off the back of his training Kev had this to say:

"I like the taste. The delivery system works. I can see how I can tune it according to intensity and other factors. It left me feeling 'comfortably hungry' during the day which I like."

For the duration of the 7 day events the pair will be fuelled by an assortment of over 80 Tailwind Stickpacks, both caffeinated and not.

This is by no means the first adventure embarked upon by these gentleman. For many years Kev has been trail running around the Chamonix region in France, while Jamie has completed many an adventure overseas, such as his 'Atlantic2Andes' run across South America and a 17,000km unsupported run down the length of the Americas from Canada to Argentina. The guys quickly became a complimentary running team, working off of each others strengths to push themselves further every run. Follow the link here for a short video on the runners produced by Gore-tex.

Running for more than just prestige, the pair have been raising money throughout their training for the suicide prevention charity CALM. An organisation dedicated to preventing male suicide. You can find their justgiving page and more information on the charity here.

Also competing in this years Transalpine race are our German counterparts over at Tailwind Nutrition Germany. Anna Hughes and Peter Totzek will also be coming round the mountains Tailwind style until the team name 'TRAIL RUNNING GAP', racing hard while also providing Tailwind samples to tired looking runners.

For regular updates on the boy's progress make sure to be following the Tailwind Nutrition UK Twitter and Facebook. Keep an eye out for posts with the following tags to stay up to date: #TransalpineRun2017 #TAR2017 and #IntoTheElements