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Tailwind mixes with water to meet all your calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs, without upsetting your stomach or making your taste buds revolt. Just toss it in a bottle or hydration pack, shake, and GO!

  • Complete calories, electrolytes, and hydration: Ditch the gels, chews, and pills, and go all day with just Tailwind.
  • No gut bombs: Stomach problems? You’ll love Tailwind. Unless you enjoy being doubled over, retching.
  • Tasty all day: Clean, light flavors taste better the longer you go.
  • Hydration pack love: Dissolves on contact with water and cleans up with a quick rinse. No film, aftertaste or science experiments!
  • All natural: Crystal clear with no dyes, preservatives or 4-syllable magical ingredients.
  • No dairy content so suitable for vegans
Latest Reviews
If you're searching for the perfect running fuel, look no further
Saturday, 25 February 2017  |  Rochene

I'm currently training for the London Marathon. I was really worried about finding the right fuel, particularly as most of the gels I have tried give me a bad stomach.

I read about tailwind via run mummy run and ordered some. I've been using it for a few weeks now and I'm up to 19 miles in my training. I don't think I could have got to this point without tailwind - it is AMAZING!!

I've been finishing my runs feeling like I could still go further and I also haven't been suffering with headaches afterwards as I'm hydrating much better during my runs.

I ordered a selection of flavours to try, but the caffeinated raspberry is my favourite.

The customer service is fantastic, especially the handwritten note from Rod.

I can't recommend this product highly enough and I'm so glad I found it!!

Tailwind Multipack
Friday, 24 February 2017  |  Graham

Really great personal service - put a note for no caffeine and that was acknowledged. 2 trial runs so far and the results are promising.

Good flavours
Friday, 24 February 2017  |  Rachel

I haven't tasted all the flavours so far but what I have I have liked. The product isn't too sweet like some energy drinks and didn't upset my body. Only negative is that it is quite sticky if spilt.

Tailwind nutrition
Friday, 24 February 2017  |  Lee

I switched to Tailwind 15 months ago and haven't used anything else since. It really does what it says!
I've ran 100k- 102 miles using tailwind and not much else. The flavours are great, easy to mix and convenient in the stick packs. I'll be well stocked up for the Ultra Great Britain 2018 and races in between.

Love tailwind
Friday, 24 February 2017  |  John

Awesome product and service. Been using it for over a year as part of my ultra running and very happy with it.

Noticeable difference
Thursday, 23 February 2017  |  Jacqueline

Having previously relied on water after running, I have been looking for a good product to help hydration etc to help with marathon training and longer distances. I ran a half marathon recently with only water and felt absolutely terrible and so tailwind was recommended to me. My next long run was a complete difference - using tailwind throughout I had much more energy and afterwards recovered more quickly.

Tailwind multi-pack
Tuesday, 21 February 2017  |  Dave

Enjoyed all the flavours in the multi-pack. Dissolves very easily and not at all sticky if you spill some. Found the sticks a little fiddly to open and empty without scissors.

I still supplemented with gels on my long runs as it takes me 2 hours+ to drink 500ml - especially in winter!

Overall very pleased and will definitely be ordering more.

Perfect for Nathan Vest
Tuesday, 21 February 2017  |  Mark

I purchased a Nathan vest and after a 20 mile run with regular bottles my chest decided there must be a more comfortable option. I turned to the Tailwind Flask as I have been so pleased with the Tailwind sticks and once again I have not been disappointed with the product or the service. Extremely happy customer. Many thanks.

Cracking stuff.
Tuesday, 21 February 2017  |  Stephen

Worked a treat, didn't flag at all, though a bag of twiglets half way through broke the ennui of steady supping.
Though I don't remotely have a sweet tooth, I didn't find it overbearing like I do with others.
I look forward to your bovril flavour
Will buy again, as I can't see myself going back now.

As important as trainers!
Monday, 20 February 2017  |  Marie

After hearing many great reviews of Tailwind I decided to give them a go as I up my mileage in my marathon training. As I have previously used caffeinated energy gels, tablets and bars I chose to use the caffeinated tailwind powders.

My sachets arrived within a couple of days with a really nice personal message, which was a lovely touch. I knew they had been delivered with care and thought.

I tried them first a few weeks ago on my longest training run to date. They were easy to mix and pleasant to drink, and 15 miles in I felt like I could actually do this running a marathon thing! I sipped another 700ml of made up Tailwind and managed to carry on another 10 miles, which I believe I would never have been able to do on the previous gels I had used on my 18 mile run 2 weeks beforehand. I truly believe Tailwind gave me wings and helped me finish my run strong (it was only supposed to be 23 miles, but I just wanted to keep running).

Last week I received a lovely personal email wishing me luck on my 20 mile race from Rod and he even gave me the local wether forecast which was a very thoughtful touch.

Again the Tailwind got me through my race in record time and was gentle on my tummy (which can occasionally be unpredictable on race days).

Tailwind is my new running essential and as I am following the Slimming world diet plan, it is not too many calories (1 sachet does the job of 2 gels plus flapjacks for myself).

I have had so much success with Tailwind that I have encouraged many friends to try it, most of whom now use it also.

Excellent personal service delivering an excellent endurance energy supplement.

From a very happy customer who will be returning time and time again....I can not imagine doing a race without my new running essential.

Thank you.

Multiserving Tailwind.
Monday, 20 February 2017  |  Steven

Will be used for the first time this weekend, saving the sachets for the marathon. Will take a sachet along on run for emergencies. Great service, impressed with speed of delivery. Tailwind came highly recommended.

First use of Tailwind Stick packs.
Monday, 20 February 2017  |  Steven

Only used them twice so far, so it's slightly early to give any details on any changes to my performance. It is certainly easy to prepare and have so far only put in half the sachet into 750ml water. Tastes very good, no tummy trouble to report. Long run planned for this weekend coming, so this will be a good test. Only going to take tailwind for the 18 mile planned run. Which also happens to further than i have ever run before. Looking forward to it.

Good enough for the Marathon Des Sables?
Monday, 20 February 2017  |  Steve

That was my first thought when the well packaged box arrived in the post, together with a handwritten note, a nice touch i thought.
Having run using the Tailwind Nutrition over the past week, the runs were a 2 x 11, 1 x 14 and 1 x 17 miles i am more than happy with this product, why? well firstly it mixes well, it isn't very sweet in any of the flavours tasted thus far but more importantly sipping the drink throughout my long runs gives me consistent energy right to the end.
I should also add that i run heaver layered to increase my core temp for the desert, i therefore sweat a lot!
Having said that i still find myself dehydrated, but much less dehydrated than other sports drinks. Thats why i gave it 5 stars...

great taste 😊😊
Monday, 20 February 2017  |  Ruth

Great product that mixes really well. I've only tried a couple so far but the taste is good with no after effects. Good quick service and delivery too.

Easy to use and it works
Monday, 20 February 2017  |  Elaine

I first tried Tailwind by mistake at an aid station about 40 miles into a 50 miler. Not an ideal introduction. But it cause any stomach issues and seemed to work (bit late in the day to be sure that was it). Tried it properly on Pilgrims and all was good.

Fantastic Service
Sunday, 19 February 2017  |  Alan

Great service, got an e-mail almost immediately clarifying my order, then delivery was here in 2 days.
Great product, having the carbs in the drink, reduces the amount of food I carry. Have used them on my long runs, no problems, but as yet i haven't replaced all the food as it seems an awful lot of drinking if I did.

Soft Flask
Saturday, 18 February 2017  |  Christopher

I bought this flask to replace an old Salomon soft flask that had developed a leak. The small neck of the Salomon had made refilling with Tailwind very difficult, especially when racing. I purchased this flask as it looked to have a much wider opening. I was concerned that the shorter and wider body might mean that it wouldn't fit in my old Salomon hydration pack, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it does fit very nicely. It is a bit more snug, but the shorter height means it feels more stable and less likely to bounce out. Overall I'm very happy with it and will be buying another one soon to replace my other Salomon flask. Also very impressed with the fast and friendly service. Many thanks

He'd be lost without it!
Friday, 17 February 2017  |  Rachel

My husband loves this stuff, everything else upsets his stomach-to put it politely! Tailwind forms part of the fuel for his longs runs (up to 100 miles) and now he won't try anything else. Fab service too, products delivered quickly and good communication!

Friday, 17 February 2017  |  Tracey

At last I have found the perfect nutrition for running. I have tried so many combos of water,gels,blocks,jelly babies and tailwind gives you all , I used for the first time in my marathon training a few weeks ago on a 15 mile run, mixed it in with the right amount of water in my hydration pack and was amazed at by how good I felt during and after, no cramps, sticky hands,sickly taste, tailwind is easy to drink and after a couple of mouthfuls gave me a boost. Have a half marathon his weekend and looking forward to using tailwind, no having to slow down at water stations either, perfect.
Also you feel you get such a personal service ,quick delivery from ordering and a nice personal message. Hopefully my brother is ordering some to now as can't stop raving about it.

First time use
Thursday, 16 February 2017  |  Stephen

Used Tailwind for the first time last week and honestly even though it was a shorter ride in the snow I loved it. Looking forward to using the product on longer rides for a real test but tasted great and I felt good whilst drinking it.

great service
Wednesday, 15 February 2017  |  Stuart

Very fast and friendly service. Haven't tried the product enough to comment on how good it is, and haven't gone far enough with it yet (!),. but it tastes great. Looking forward to some long runs trialling it.

Tailwind raspberry flavour
Wednesday, 15 February 2017  |  Pamela

I really enjoyed the taste of raspberry tailwind, not too sweet and easy on the stomach. Having tried lots of different sports drinks, it's the first one I have enjoyed and feel like it quenches my thirst.

Great buff
Tuesday, 14 February 2017  |  Samantha

Great buff...nice colour and soft material...

Tailwind 2 earning stickpacks
Monday, 13 February 2017  |  Christopher

Thanks very much for the prompt service and I really appreciated the personal message in with the sachets! Nice touch! Definitely will be back for my next order with you

So far so good
Monday, 13 February 2017  |  Andrew

Recommended to me by a friend. Ordered the intro pack on the Monday, delivered on the Tuesday.Used on my long runs, bike rides etc. as I'm training for ironman. Seems to have given me more energy without any stomach problems. Worth a go, about to place my next order.

From sceptic to believer!
Monday, 13 February 2017  |  George

I ordered these on recommendation from my neighbour James Stewart who now has a list of ultra titles longer than my arm. I was sceptical about how effective they would be but lo and behold they really do provide brilliant fuelling for long runs. Marathon distance is my limit and I'm never going to be competing at the front but I have the belief that tailwind will help me in an area where I have struggled in the past. Worth a try folks!

Monday, 13 February 2017  |  Emma

Excellent service and very quick to respond to a query that I had.

I haven't used it for anything longer than an hour yet, but so far it seems very good. The taste is pleasant and not too sweet or over powering. I will definitely be using it for my longer runs and rides, and if all goes well it will be my nutrition of choice for my 70.3 Ironman in June.

Great so far
Monday, 13 February 2017  |  Christopher

I've only used it since I've received it on a few training halfs, but so far it's great. I've usually start to feel hungry near the end of a long training run but with Tailwind I don't and it lets me run even faster. Can't wait to use it in the JCC in March this year.

Brilliant product
Monday, 13 February 2017  |  Ben

I tried tailwind in a recent half marathon for the first time. I had no stomach cramps after and felt full of energy all the way round. Delivery was quick too. Thank you

Worth every penny
Saturday, 11 February 2017  |  Erika

Now in training for a marathon I decided I needed something different to fuel my miles. I have tried other products on my long runs in the past but have always ended up with an upset tummy or suffered from migraines after. I was recommended Tailwind by a friend so thought I should give it a try and bought the 2 serving Stickpack,. Opting for the variety pack of flavours, I found all quite palatable although I prefer the citrus or the naked unflavoured options.Tailwind has been my only fuel on my long runs since trying it and there's been no dodgy tummy, no migraines and I've felt like I've had all the energy I needed whilst out. The customer service is second to none and I am off to buy some more!!

Soft Flask
Thursday, 9 February 2017  |  Paul

Great item. Allowed me to carry more tailwind.

So far so good!
Wednesday, 8 February 2017  |  Anthony

I am aiming to use this for Ironman due to stomach issues in the past. I have not used it for anything longer than 1.5 hours so far, but early indications are good. Good taste, good energy release and so far no stomach issues!

Great Product
Wednesday, 8 February 2017  |  Andrew

First test of this product over 15miles and over 2,000ft of elevation change. I've never managed sub 8 minute average pace over this kind of terrain / distance so there must be something in the water, oh yeah, Tailwind!!

Monday, 6 February 2017  |  Heather

I'm training for my first marathon after a few halfs my usual fuel would be gels but after using them so much they give me an upset tummy so decided by reccomndation from a friend to try this, it's great so far I'm up to 18 with not 1 gel just the tailwind in my water pack il be ordering more for sure

Monday, 6 February 2017  |  Monica

So far so good! Have just tried product on my 16 mile run, kept me running with no stomach problems.
Great service and lovely personal touch from suppliers. Thanks

Great bottles
Monday, 6 February 2017  |  Sarah

I bought two of these. They fit perfectly into my UD pack and actually drop in a little more easily than the ones provided by UD. The lids also thread on more easily than the UD equivalent which will be a great help at race checkpoints when my hands often don't work too well! They have a decent sized opening ideal for pouring in tailwind and refilling. No leaks so far. Very pleased!

Perfect balance
Monday, 6 February 2017  |  Jane

Product arrived quickly. Used during 2nd marathon in 2 days and felt it helped to stave off hunger and give me sufficient energy to complete the race feeling strong and energised. Will definitely be using this product on every marathon / ultra from now on! Thank you tailwind!

Monday, 6 February 2017  |  Rob

Tried tailwind for the first time this weekend after watching a long distance runner talk about it on YouTube. 22 miles cross-country, was still dead at the end of it, but during the run I was literally dancing down the hills with energy and not complaining whilst going up. Pleased that I stockpiled.

Great service
Monday, 6 February 2017  |  Neil

I placed my first order with Tailwind on a Sunday evening and it was despatched by 1.30pm on the Monday, arriving in good time for me to try it on my next long training run. Great service, thanks!

Most excellent!
Sunday, 5 February 2017  |  Brian

Energy levels are sustained throuout my marathon training runs, no need for sticky foul gels. Would highly recommend.

The start of a beautiful relationship?
Sunday, 5 February 2017  |  Richard

I purchased the Tailwind 2 serving stick packs as I am looking for all round nutrition for the Ultra's I am running this year (my first ones).

Firstly the ordering and delivery were extremely fast, surpassed only by the hand written note, thanking me, wishing me luck, and giving me suggestions on how to use. A human touch that was greatly appreciated.

I have only taken them out on one LSR so far, a 25 mile run along the North Downs Way. I took the Natural and Lemon flavours out, mixed in 600ml water bottles.

The powders do exactly what they say they will. Dissolve easily in water, have a light taste, don't leave any mess in your water bottles afterwards or churn up your stomach.

In regards use my energy levels remained fairly constant throughout, although I did find myself flagging (and my tummy rumbling) in the last 4/5 miles. Being honest I think I was probably one stickpack short of what I needed. I will also need to get used to the amount of fluid I will be taking on board during my long runs, as the suggestion is to drink little but often. I estimate I will therefore be taking on 600ml ish of water every 1.5hrs which will be a lot for me.

Overall though early signs are good and if I get my dosage correct, and the benefits are constant,this will become a five star review very quickly.

does the trick
Sunday, 5 February 2017  |  Caroline

I have used tailwind on a number of runs between 20 and 40 miles in distance and it really does the job, plus the flavour is great, even when you're at the point of not being able to stomach anything else! I've tried a few multi-flavour packs and have now settled on a big bag of the lemon flavour to fuel my runs for a while.

Good so far
Friday, 3 February 2017  |  Ian

Yet to use them on a long run as currently injured..but tried out in gym..tastes good and can see them replacing the gels I usually take out on the trails!

Ultramarathon training
Thursday, 2 February 2017  |  Claire

I recently purchased Tailwind 2 serving sticks as I am currently training for another ultramarathon. I wanted something easy on the stomach and convenient. While I only used this product once so far, it was a very positive experience and I look forward to using it on all future. I wasn't hungry at any stage but had the energy to keep going. I would certainly recommend this product and the service was second to none.

Bye Bye Gels !
Thursday, 2 February 2017  |  Martin

Having competed in Endurance events such as Ironman, Mountain Running, Trail Running & Cycling, and force fed myself multiple sticky horrible gels and sweet sports drinks throughout the day until feeling sick, I discovered Tailwind a year ago in New Zealand and have never looked back !! I wish that I had discovered it years ago. Great product !

Endurance cyclist
Wednesday, 1 February 2017  |  Sarah

I've been looking for a drink which gives me enough energy to ride long distances without having to stop to find real food. I've tried tailwind twice on two separate arduous 100km rides and both times I didn't need to eat. It's light on the stomach, flavours are good and easily dissolves when added to water. Great product.

Tailwind nutrition
Wednesday, 1 February 2017  |  Paul

My first time using Tailwind on my trail run and was very impressed at the taste and how it didn't upset my stomach. During my 30 mile trail run yesterday it got me through right to the end with plenty to spare. Very good product, will order again.

2 serving stick packs
Tuesday, 31 January 2017  |  Gareth

New to ultra marathons i needed to find a product that would supply me with enough calories to maitain a high level of activity which i found with this product its clean light no nonsense easy on the stomach not to sweet and just a hint of flavour solution is amazing and mow i will.not look back the only issue i uavr is trying to work out my favourite flavour oustanding customer service and very personal please dont change this? Im sold for life

Tuesday, 31 January 2017  |  David

This flask has a wide neck to make filling easier. They are also wider and shorter than the Salomon ones, so fit better into the pouches on my Salomon Race vest, so don't flop about as much a the Salomon pouches

Handy sized packs
Tuesday, 31 January 2017  |  Mike

I bought these for an up-coming ultra marathon. They're really convenient for packing in my race vest, and make filling up my soft water bottles so much easier. A great idea, and excellent service as always!