Do you know how our body treats different types of hydrates and transforms them into energy?

As you can see from the animation, we have two different mechanisms, one that processes glucose and another that processes fructose. These mechanisms work in parallel but at very different rates.

Tailwind contains these two types of hydrates but not in identical proportions. It has more glucose and less fructose precisely in the proportion in which our body is able to process them. 

In this way, we are taking advantage of 100% of our body's capacity to transform hydrates into energy, without overloading any of the channels.


simple vs complex carbohydrates


Tailwind uses simple carbohydrates (dextrose and sucrose) as opposed to complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin, glucose polymers, super starches, food).


Fast-acting carbs are rapidly absorbed in the GI tract, rapidly transported to muscles cells, and rapidly metabolised to provide energy to working muscles.

Long-acting carbs such as super starches, complex carbs and food are absorbed more slowly, and must be metabolically converted to fast-acting sugars before they can be transported to the muscles and used as energy. All this takes time (and energy).


Remember, you are running a calorie deficit from the get go so Tailwind gives you fuel in the most efficient way possible – it’s delivered in the form that your body already uses. 

The result: Tailwind doesn’t hang out in the stomach and cause GI distress