Why Tailwind?

Getting nutrition right for a long day training or racing is tough. Keeping track of food, drinks, gels, bars... etc. and it just gets tougher as fatigue sets in. Are you getting enough calories? Too many? Staying hydrated? Just how many electrolyte tablets do you need anyway?

Tailwind simplifies all that by giving your body what it needs – complete energy, electrolytes, and hydration in a simple drink with clean, light flavours.

Tailwind is designed to maximise absorption of fuel, water, and electrolytes while being easy on the digestive system. Mixing with water, Tailwind’s glucose/sucrose fuel takes advantage of how our bodies absorb fuel to maximise intake of calories.

Once in the bloodstream, Tailwind’s glucose fuel directly powers muscles, sparing precious glycogen stores and allowing you to go longer and at higher intensities without 'bonking'. Tailwind’s electrolyte profile mimics what you’re sweating out, so you don’t have to take separate electrolyte pills to make up for what’s not in your drink.

I completed 5 Ironman triathlons in 5 years on a mixture of powders, gels, jelly babies and luck. I don't have a sweet tooth and as I advanced in age I sought out any advantage I could. With Tailwind, made from natural plant sugars, essential carbohydrates and very little else, I found I no longer needed to calorie count, a couple of mouthfuls every 10 minutes and I could go as long as I wanted with enough calories and electrolytes and a settled stomach. Not having to think about inputs reduced stress which improved performance without having to learn the science.

I now race ultramarathons up to 100 miles mostly on just Tailwind including ,in 2018, the Centurion Grand Slam of 4 x 100 miles in one summer.  If available I'll nibble on nuts or crisps at aid stations, more for texture than calories.  On 3 occasions in self-supported races I've been on the go for over 24 hours on just Tailwind.

- Mike Julien, Director of Tailwind Nutrition UK



We understand that performance is more important than the price when it comes to fuel, but why pay more than what is needed? 

View the calculation for a race of 10 hours (2500 calories with 250 / hour)*:

Tailwind: 2500 calories

Cost (2 scoops/hour) = £14.50

Electrolytes = Included        Total = £14.50

Gels: 2500 calories

Cost (2.5 gel / hour, average price 95p per gel) = £23.75

Electrolytes (2 tablets of electrolytes per hour) = £6.75       Total = £30.50

*Based on a 50 serving multi bag Tailwind / box of 30 Gels / tube of 20 Electrolyte tablets 


I heard about Tailwind from a Trail Runner Nation podcast where it got rave reviews and thought I'd give it a go, only to find it was not easily available in the UK. In September 2014 I took the Tailwind Challenge offered by the Swedish distributor, and was pleasantly surprised to find all the positive reviews were not just hype, as just sipping on Tailwind I was fuelled to run all day. I was so impressed with the product I asked Jenny and Jeff Vierling, the founders of Tailwind Nutrition, if I could distribute the product in the UK.

Thanks to word of mouth, recommendations and continued growth in the US I was quickly able to set up UK distribution, adding myself to the group of successful distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa and Hong Kong.

I am a veteran of 5 x Ironman triathlons, the Grand to Grand Ultra (a 6 stage, 170 mile race across the desert), Marathon des Sables and various UK ultra marathons.

In  the summer of 2018 Tailwind fuelled me over the Centurion Grand Slam of 4 x 100 mile trail races.


Efficient fuelling is great, but not if it ties your stomach up in knots or causes GI distress as so many products do. We’ve been there, and nothing’s worse. Sipping Tailwind provides steady, small doses of fuel that empty from the stomach quickly. The composition of Tailwind’s fuel matches what the digestive system is set up to absorb through active transport mechanisms that function like pumps, without requiring digestion first. 

From thick textures to sickly sweet tastes, most drinks, gels, and chews are hard to take for more than a couple hours; that’s where our endurance experience comes in. Tailwind is deliberately mild and balances just enough sweetness to keep you drinking with the saltiness your body craves while sweating.  Flavour doesn't make you go faster so the flavouring is subtle.

Customers describe the flavours as “clean” and “light” with a mouth feel as close to water as you can get while still meeting your nutrition needs. Hydration-Pack friendly: dissolving completely on contact with water, and cleans up with just a quick rinse.

No film, no lingering aftertaste, no gooey mess.