2024 Events

March 2nd
Chester Ultra 50 Mile
March 16th
Hundred Hills 50k
March 29th
Manchester to Liverpool Ultra 50 Mile
April 13th
Chester Ultra 100 Mile
April 13th
South Downs Way 50
May 4th
Pennine Barrier Ultra 50 Mile
May 4th
Thames Path 100
May 4th
Steel City 60
May 11th
Westcountry Ultra Flat 50 Miler
May 11th
Westcountry Ultra Hilly 50 Miler
May 11th
Westcountry Ultra 100 Miler
May 18th
North Downs Way 50
June 1st
Three Castles 50km
June 8th
Ultra Scotland 50
June 8th
Ultra Scotland 100
June 8th
South Downs Way 100
June 9th
Ham & Lyme 100k/50k
June 22nd
Ultra Wales 50 Miler
July 27rd
Beacons Way Ultra 105km
July 27th
Beacons Way 100 Mile
August 3rd
North Downs Way 100
August 10th
Race across Scotland 215 Mile
August 10th
The Grand Tour of Skiddaw
August 17th
The Foxton Hound Ultra 100k/50k
August 30th
The Berkeley Marathons
August 31st
Mendip Marauder 50 Miler/30 Miler
September 14th
Yr Wyddfa Snowdon Ultra 50 Mile
September 14th
Yr Wyddfa Snowdon Ultra 100 Mile
September 21st
Chiltern Wonderland 50
September 21st
Triple Trail 50 Miles
September 23rd
Conquest of Avalon
October 5th
Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra 57 Mile
September 11th
Autumn 100
November 9th
Wendover Woods 50
December 11th
Winter Downs 200
Centurion Track 100
December 22nd
Winter Wanderlust Marathon & Ultra