I heard about Tailwind from a Trail Runner Nation podcast where it got rave reviews and thought I'd give it a go, only to find it was not easily available in the UK. In September 2014 I took the Tailwind Challenge offered by the Swedish distributor, and was pleasantly surprised to find all the positive reviews were not just hype, as just sipping on Tailwind I was fuelled to run all day. I was so impressed with the product I asked Jenny and Jeff Vierling, the founders of Tailwind Nutrition, if I could distribute the product in the UK.

Thanks to word of mouth, recommendations and continued growth in the US I was quickly able to set up UK distribution, adding myself to the group of successful distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa and Hong Kong.

I am a veteran of 5 x Ironman triathlons, the Grand to Grand Ultra (a 6 stage, 170 mile race across the desert), Marathon des Sables and various UK ultra marathons.

In  the summer of 2018 Tailwind fuelled me over the Centurion Grand Slam of 4 x 100 mile trail races.


Ryan is the brains behind all things social media at Tailwind UK.  He is responsible for the daily content that hits your screens and keeps us all entertained.

As well replying to comments and messages he is tasked with putting together the monthly newsletter. (He deserves a big slap on the back for that!)

Ryan can usually be found tweeting and posting while running the mountain trails of his home town, Chamonix with his wife Em and their Beagle, Bernard.

(How he gets better 4G than we do in the office I will never know!)


Warehouseman extraordinaire, not only a dab hand with a forklift who organises stock and makes sure your orders are despatched, he has to do it with constant teasing by the ladies.

Rich also likes a bit of a run, having completed not one but 2 London Marathons, the Jurassic Coast Challenge (3 marathons over 3 days), the 60 mile Oxfam Gurka Trailwalker, Man V Horse (of course the horse won!) and Rich has The Stickler over 3 peaks in Dorset coming up.

An animal lover too, he has more Guinea Pigs than you can shake a stick at.


Tilda helps to develop our wonderful Tailwind Community. From customers to race directors to suppliers, she ensures everyone gets their Tailwind and experiences the top notch customer service from our A* team.

After recently completing the Couch to 5k program, she hopes to start using her own supply at some races in 2024.


With the role of Office Manager comes great responsibility... basically she runs the show, making sure Rich & Mike do as they're told.


When school allows Ella, helps out with writing cards and order picking.