Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritiable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

We get frequent enquiries about Tailwind and IBS.  Fortunately I do not suffer from IBS so cannot comment from personal experience but Tailwind is made from natural ingredients with no laboratory made ingredients  so is gentle on the stomach.  As I write this note, on June 8th, 2022, I've searched our reviews for the month to date and found the following.

March 21, 2022 - Jennifer L

"After years of relying on sickly sweet sports drinks I tried this last year for my long runs and I will now always use this for long runs!  It does everything I need it to - it keeps me hydrated, I seem to feel more energised and the taste is so much more palatable!  As someone with IBS and endometriosis I am happy that this is gentle on my stomach too.  Totally recommend this!"

September 12th, 2021 - Abigail B

"I cannot say enough brilliance about Tailwind. I've done 2 full ironmans, a number of marathons and half ironmans and in every single one suffered with nutrition / stomach issues, despite training. Nothing seemed to work for me and just made me feel sick, be sick and I'd end up underfuelled during the race and suffering days after.

Hello Tailwind. I love this stuff. I'm not at my peak fitness right now having had a baby etc but wanted to see if I could run towards 30k this morning. I've been doing buggy runs everyday for months but only pretty short distances. Off I went this morning a little apprehensive but made sure I kept sipping on the Tailwind every 20 mins or so. I felt good throughout - same as long rides when I use Tailwind - and the recovery process is now a different experience thanks to the chocolate recovery powder. No longer am I feeling sorry for myself for the rest of the day and next! <br /><br />So thank you Tailwind. I'm about to sign up to a 30k run next weekend now because you got me through a very hilly 27k run this morning and I'm able to carry on my day as usual because of the recovery shake too.

This should be your go to. FYI I've IBS / gluten intolerance and this stuff works amazingly."

July 18th, 2021 -   Tiffany R    

"Before I tried Tailwind, I suffered really badly with post run headaches/migraine - so much so that I couldn't function and often just went to bed!  This stuff has changed my life!! No sign of headache and bags of energy. I also suffer from ibs so have to be careful about what I eat/ drink. I was a little concerned when trying the caffeinated version for the first time but needn't have worried- no problems at all.  Would not hesitate if you are thinking of trying - amazing stuff!!! Thank you"

May 25th, 2021 - Joanne B

"I finally got to race my first non virtual ultra! I carried two soft bottles, one with tailwind, one with tailwind plus caffeine, and stick packs to mix at the aid stations. No GI issues throughout the race despite having IBS. No cramping either, but I did come across another runner walking because he had cramp, so I handed over one of my stick packs and was delighted to see him later on in the race having recovered after having the tailwind."


October 30th, 2020 - Graham C

"I've finally found a product my delicate, IBS, tummy can take. Not a hint of rumbling and tasty as well.<br />The lemon flavour is fantastic:  A perfect sweet, zingy and salty balance.

I'll be sticking with Tailwind."

July 15th, 2020 - Louise H

"These are great for those long runs. Having trained for several marathons and ultras i found nutrition so hard especially with IBS and it never going right, it came a point where i was under fueling just so i didnt have to deal with the consequences.

I was recommended tailwind and after chatting to them at the london expo stand and trying out flavours etc i took the leap. Now i last pretty long on just tailwind and have had no GU issues. It tastes nice and does the job without having that super sweet sicky feeling.

Its easy to carry in small packets and have got the big bag now so that i can fill up one flask before i go out.

Now training for my first 50 miler and use exclusively tailwind and of course a few crisps and soreens. So happy to have gotten out of the gel stomach, sticky hands issue forever more""



March 25th, 2019 - Julie E

"Bought these on the recommendation of a friend...

I have IBS so can't tolerate gels.

I tested the caffeine free variety at home one day to see how my stomach reacted. All good.<br />Used them for the first time at the weekend for a half marathon and can happily report that they worked really well for me.

Really impressed with the service too... ordered one afternoon and they were received the very next day!<br />Will definitely be buying again."

April 15th, 2019 - Nicola B

"Recently placed my second order. Customer service really impressed me I loved the comment card a very pleasant personal touch.  I am marathon training and from the first day I used it absolutely no stomach problems.  I have IBS and have tried  everything to no avail so was just using water which meant I struggled on long runs .  Thank you tailwind will be using you from now on  and hope for a PB this time."

November 7th, 2018 - Tia J

"I'm training for the Brighton Marathon and I tried the berry flavour on a short 8k run using half a <br />Stickpack. As an IBS sufferer I struggled to find a balance of hydration and fuel .... chewing sweets on the run did not agree with me and the thought of a sticky gel .... urgh! This drink was perfect. I sipped little and often as recommended. I also found I wasn't ravenous when I got home meaning I could take my time with stretching and showering. I made up the whole sachet and the other half is in the fridge ready for my next run.

Fantastic delivery time and I really appreciated the hand written note.

Thank you "

May 16th, 2018 - Dawn R

"I have used both Raspberry and Tropical Buzz tailwind multipacks In my marathon training, and have for years had the paranoia (and sometimes reality) of toilet troubles from sensitive IBS prone bowels.. I've also had a twisted BOWEL and need to be very careful what I eat/drink.

To my surprise I had no problems with tailwind infact i highly recommend it.

It saw me through my marathon training in the terrible snow this year when my training runs went over 13.5 miles. I did a reasonable time in Brighton Marathon April 2018.. id say give it a go.. didnt think id manage a marathon due to my tummy.. tailwind helped me achieve that goal .

Thank you"

September 12th, 2017 - Paulla B

"I have IBS and struggle to find gels etc that don't upset my system but I had heard good things about Tailwind from friends who run and have the same issues, so as I had the Great North Run coming up I decided to give it a go. I ordered the multipack. Service was extremely quick and the little handwritten advice note inside was a lovely touch. This was followed up with an email from Fred. During the run I did as advised, a couple of sips every 10-15 mins and at no point did I feel ill or hungry, in fact I didn't get hungry until a good 2 hours after I had finished!!! I never got fatigued either and that was on just the one 2-stick pack!!!<br />I cannot recommend Tailwind enough - it is fantastic to finally find something that works and, more importantly, does not affect my tum!! Thank you Tailwind team, for such a good product that actually does what it says, and to your team who are quick and efficient but friendly and full of advice"

August 20th, 2017 - Horace S

“I was a bit dubious when I ordered this drink. I suffer with IBS and only use certain drinks. I first tried this drink whilst still at home, not a twinge. I have used it several times and went out today and ran 20 miles. This drink is great, the flavour is not overpowering and i didn't have any problems whilst out. I would definitely recommend it to people with stomach problems as it's very easy on the stomach.  I bought the raspberry buzz 50 servings. Have to keep running to use it up so I can try another flavour. I highly recommend this product. Oh and it arrived very quickly as well.”


March 3rd, 2017 - Victoria W

"Great product! Very pleased customer!"

As someone who suffers from IBS, I have struggled with using gels when running. I'm currently training for my first 100k and one of my big questions was how I would cope with eating during the run. So far Tailwind has been terrific. Not up to a great distance yet but on a 16mile training run my stomach was happy and good results in my last half marathon without feeling wrecked afterwards. So I am happy and would definitely recommend this product! The taste and texture is so much better than anything else I've tried. And it was easy to order and promptly delivered. Think this is the end of energy gels for me!


March 22nd, 2017 - Ian B

"Amazing Awesome Fantastic"

Admittedly, I am not yet back to the mileage that warrants this product, however, I wanted to try it.
I suffer from IBS so anything that I try has to be done well in advance.
The product is great, in taste and also in the fact that it doesn't seem to affect my delicate digestive system adversely.
I'm looking forward to getting my mileage back up to a point where I need to take my Tailwind out with me. Thanks all for a great product and the personal touch on delivery (my name on the bag and a lovely note) was most appreciated.