Tailwind in Other Sports


Every now and then we get a question like "can I use Tailwind while cycling?" or "do you recommend Tailwind for a Triathlon?" and the simple answer is YES! Tailwind is perfectly suited for all types of endurance sports.


For best results on long distance cycling events we recommend setting off with two bottles on your bike. Fill the first one with a concentrated Tailwind mixture and the other just with water. Then simply take smaller sips from the concentrated bottle, washing it down with water from the other bottle. This technique works well as it saves you the trouble of having to refill your Tailwind mixture bottle every hour!

Tailwind isn't just limited to cycling and running though! We've compiled a list of all the different activities and sports Tailwind has been used in:


  • Hard-Enduro rallye - Red Bull Romaniacs - Billed as the world's toughest hard Enduro motorcycle rally, Darren Heyes raced in this years rally in Romania, successfully finishing 50th in his Bronze class event. He had this to say about Tailwind: I used Tailwind throughout the event consisting of 4 days mountain riding with between 5 and 7 hrs days and an average of 4 hrs sleep per night. This product absolutely blew me away. Drank throughout the day I honestly never felt tired, great energy levels and stamina. No stomach pains or dodgy toilet trips. I have recommended this to everyone I've spoken to and seriously would not ride without it.
  • Dawn to Dusk Enduro - Later in August Antony K will be competing in a 12 hour endurance race in the heart of the Brecon Beacons


  • Spartan Race - Spartan Race World Champion Robert Killian is a Tailwind Nutrition user
  • MTB - Brighton Big Dog - The UK's most popular MTB race was won by Iwona S in mid August
  • Sailing - Laser 4.7 World Championships - British Youth Sailing sisters Matilda and Flo Nicholls competed in the Laser 4.7 World Championship in Belgium, where they finished in the gold fleet positioned 6th and 42nd overall respectively.
  • Golf  - In August Silvana W competed in the Mary Beavis Golf Cup, using Tailwind as her fuel for the day
  • Window Cleaning - Whilst I run, I bought this product for my working day. I am a window cleaner and 7 hours on my feet, up and down ladders, is tiring. I have always struggled to eat enough during the day. First impressions are very good. - Johnny L
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) - Tailwind was used by Seychelle Hattingh in France to claim her maiden victory over the SUP Euro Tour in June. Hasan I is also about to compete in the SUP 11 city tour championship in Amsterdam
  • Longboarding - Benoit Fournier claimed 3rd place and set a new French record in the 24 hrs Mans Longskate Race. We also have 5 customers competing in the 2018 Dutch Ultraskate race.
  • Gardening Today I chopped, hauled and wheelbarrowed twelve huge loads of weeds. From 8am until 11am I worked. I was beat. I remembered my Tailwind, went and made up a bottle and drank a good portion. I then went and walked behind a lawn mower for two hours, getting the lawn completely done. I got a second wind and feel energized. - Kathy D. (63)



      Don't just take our word for it though! We've compiled all the reviews from our cycling  and triathlon customers for you to read through.



David Threllfall - September 3rd, 2019

"Big Hill Day"

Used a couple of Stick packs for a tough Triathlon bike leg - including the Struggle over Kirkstone Pass. kept the energy levels up enough over for the run leg

Jason King - August 15th, 2019


"Brilliant drink supplement"

I recently completed the Ridelondon100 and i've gotta say these drink supplement (naked flavour, and raspberry buzz) were soooo much better than ones i've previously used. No more awkward sticky gels (and the mess of putting them in your jersey pockets until you can find a bin). Kept me fully hydrated with just the addition of 2 bananas and 2 packets of crisps. That was all i needed for the entire ride. Also met you guys at the Excel before the ride, lovely people. Would highly recommend.

Mark Jones - August 6th, 2019


Excellent endurance fuel"

First used this a few months ago while training for triathlons and it’s been ace. No longer need to suffer from bad guys with gels, drink disgustingly salty electrolyte tablets and still get enough fluid on board. Tailwind gives me a 3 in 1 solution which tastes great, provides energy and NO horrible side effects.......PERFECT!

Brett Norriss - July 6th, 2019

"Ironman nutrition"

Excellent product which has kept me filled during my Ironman training will definitely be returning, thank you

Glenn Fruish - June 29th, 2019

"Does the job"

Recently bought the unflavoured stickpacks as I wanted to move away from the sweet tasting energy drinks on the market. I’m pleased to say that these did the job, not only refreshing but got me though a 100 mile ride with no problems. I have read a lot of positive things about Tailwind and I can now see why. I’ll be using Tailwind to get me round IM Copenhagen.

Stuart Borthwick - June 18th, 2019

"Tailwind for cycling"

Great product and very fast delivery. Keeps me going through long cycles without upsetting stomach

Rich Mansell - June 13th, 2019

"Great product and service."

I bought the mixed stickpack to try various flavours and decide which i prefer and which work best for me... and the truth is that having tried 5 so far they are all awesome! I use during longer run and ride sessions and found them all to give the right amount of kick and energy needed. Fast delivery and a personal touch. Will be ordering again soon!

Stephen Rees - June 12th, 2019

Hi, used on the 95 mile Dragon ride last weekend, absolutely fantastic, not hungry at the end, well hydrated and no stomach issues.
It's a game changer!
Thanks for the great service

Paul Davies June 12th, 2019

"Number 1 product"

Very impressed with this product. In the past I have always used gells to get me through the longer rides but have always struggled towards the end. So I decided to give tailwind a try after some advice from friends and the results were awesome. My new number 1 product

Desmond O'Halloran - June 11th, 2019

The review submitted is as follows:

"Tailwind 2 Serving Stickpacks"

These are great for endurance nutrition. I'll be using them for IM Cork next week, with the knowledge that my stomach will be able to tolerate them all day long, enabling me to complete my first IM. Highly recommend

Mark Harris - June 4th, 2019


The stickpacks are perfect for those longer bike rides when you cant carry enough water. Tailwind is great, helps me avoid gastro issues and bonking!

Paul Wallen -May 30th, 2019

"Vanilla recovery"

This is a very nice tasting recovery drink, i also have a weak stomach but never have an issue with this product. It very good all round and dors what it says on the tin, helps recovery ready for the next session currlty using this for ironman 70.3 training.

Ian Smith - April 26th, 2019

"Believe the hype"

Training for my first Ironman and the most confusing part for me was nutrition... take this, drink that, electrolytes here and carbs there.... I had seen a lot about tailwind on the triathlon forums and thought I’d give it a try in a 110 mile Sportive in training.
Simple to use, easy to mix and it’s true you really don’t need much else . Kept me feeling strong and it’s now all I use in my training.
Thumbs up from me !

Michael Seddon - April 26th, 2019

"Finally found what i have been looking for..."

I gave Tailwind a try and reading rave reviews and hearing from people's first hand experiences. I have to admit I struggle with nutrition on big events and always seem to bonk at some point and Tailwind has been a saviour. I have waited to write this review until I had used it for a few weeks and given it a good test.

I am currently training for my first Ironman and used it during my recce of the bike route. I have found it fantastic and didn't bonk like I have done on previous rides. I have been having 3 scoops in a 750ml bottle and drinking a bottle per hour.


Andre Perkins - November 29th, 2018

"Tailwind nutrition"

Hi been using tailwind for nearly a yr now and it's amazing product trained with it then used it to complete the mallorca 312 197 mile sportive 15000ft of climbing. completed in 11hrs 38mins result thanks to using tailwind. I did not have any issues using this product and the best thing for me was it's gluten free.happy days ��‍♂️��.just give it a go

Shane O'Keefe - November 14th, 2018

"Highly Recommended"

I’ve just completed my first marathon cycle having switched from gels to Tailwind and it’s been fantastic. It’s much easier on the stomach, contains electrolytes as well as carbs and because you sip Tailwind all the way through your run, it’s much more even in terms of energy levels – I never came close to hitting the wall in my marathon. There’s plenty of great flavours and I didn’t find them sickly sweet like some gels.

On race day, I mixed a concentrated mixture in a running bottle and sipped from that along with water from the water stations and it worked perfectly.

Shaun Mitchell - September 18th, 2018

"Excellent product!"

I have used Tailwind for a number of endurance events now with the most recent being the Brutal Extreme Triathlon (Ironman distance) and it never fails to impress me, the only time in the last 3 years I haven’t used it was for a relatively short 38 miler and I blew up. It’s the dogs danglies!!
Oh and the customer service is second to none!! Thanks for an ace product :)

Vicki Sivertsen - July 25th, 2018

"Does what it says on the tin!"

Great stuff. I've worked my way through the stick pack. I used two sticks during the tough 56 mile bike leg of the Gauntlet middle distance tri at Hever castle with no additional food. Drank water on the 13.1 mile run with just a bit of banana from the feed station and finished strong. I used a chocolate recovery immediately afterwards and was amazed how fresh I felt the following day and for the rest of the week...no doms. About to place an order for a multi serving pack (Green tea)

John Doyle - July 23rd, 2018"Tailwind Nutrition Multiserving - Flavour: Caffeinated Raspberry Buzz"

This is an excellent product, the personal touch and service are not my typical experience when dealing with companies. Thank you Tracey for your enquiry re upcoming events. I recently used Caffeinated Raspberry Buzz at my last half ironman distance race - using only Tailwind. As someone who usually suffers from cramps during the later stages of a race I had no such problems using Tailwind which quite surprised me to say the least. On top of that - I felt really good after using it. I'd highly recommend this product and I rarely write such positive reviews.



Stephen Rees - July 22nd, 2018

"First time user"

Used Tailwind for the first time today on a 50 mile hilly ride with no problems,nice taste and not hungry at all.
Definitely going to use this from now on


Steven Law - July 22nd, 2018

"Keeps you going and going and going"

Thought I'd try tailwind after a recommendation from a friend. At the moment I'm doing long cycles for a triathlon. Tailwind has work superbly well. It's difficult to decide what to eat when you get up very early for a pre-work training session. Now I don't have to worry too much because tailwind keeps me going throughout the session (e.g. 3 hours). Not only that but it keeps me going past that to the extent that I don't really feel the need to eat much for an hour and a half later which is very unlike me. I tried both the caffeine and non-caffeine powders and have had no gut problems.

Leon Aresti - July 20th, 2018

"Excellent product and service"

Under recommendation from a colleague at work and due to a forthcoming 100 mile ride I decided to try the tailwind products as others have not agreed with me in the past. Everything from the service, packaging, taste and actual use are way above anything else I have tried. I would heartily recommend tailwind to pros and amateurs like me alike


Jonathan Wilson - July 20th, 2018

"At last a one bottle mix that isn't too sweet"

Decided to give tailwind a go after my usual perpenteum was getting too expensive, I need it for half ironman races and training where I put all my nutrition in one bottle and just water in another anything else I tried was just too sweet and sticky but tailwind lemon is just perfect and at a price that I don't mins using it for all my training rides too

Katy O'Connor - July 17th, 2018

"Literally all you need all day!"

Completed Ironman UK in Bolton on Sunday fuelled solely on this product - plus plenty of water throughout the day. No other gels or energy drinks needed. My energy levels remained constant...and the best part was no GI issues!


James Brown - July 18th, 2018

"Tailwind Multiserving pack."

Having read great reviews about Tailwind and sick of using other nutrition products e.g. gels, energy bars, plus also remembering when to take them I decided to take the plunge and try Tailwind out. Didn't know which flavour to order so I ordered the 7 different Stickpacks plus the Caffeinated Raspberry Buzz multiserving pack.
The customer service was excellent and when the products arrived I really appreciated the personal note from Tailwind wishing me the best for the season.
Having used tailwind on two bike rides each about 2.5 hours long I couldn't believe how nice it tastes, plus not having to worry about gels and energy bars was unbelievable. I never felt an urge for anything else. No stomach issues either.
I really like the Caffeinated Raspberry Buzz flavour. I plan on doing an Ironman next year and glad to say Tailwind will be my main nutrition source

Kevin Woodward - June 29th, 2018

"Break through"
switched to tailwind for my triathlons,TT racing and running events.
After being recommended tailwind by a fellow triathlete who also suffered with gut bombs/stomach cramps whilston the run I decided to buy a sample pack.
So I’m writing this review after 3x triathlons ( including a half Ironman) and lots of TT’s and half marathon. You can say I’ve put tailwind to the test over the last few months.
I have to give it 5***** no more stomach complaints, plenty of energy, a mild taste and no horrible sticky syrup.
Thanks tailwind I’ve already recommended your products to so many of my tri friends
Roll on IM UK Bolton

Eric Wandner - June 18th, 2018

"Tailwind Stick Packs"
I ordered the 10 portions on Thu, 7 Jun, they arrived promptly on Sat, 9 Jun. I used 2 portions - 1 each in my drinking water on the recent London to Brighton BHF sponsored sportive and did not require any other energy source. Amazing product will use again and again.


Simon Brace - June 5th, 2018

There's a reason they call it Tailwind - keep sipping to energise your run or cycle and just keep on rolling.

Steve Greenaway - June 14th, 2018

"First timer"
1 find it difficult to eat on a bike so spoke to Mike and tried Tailwind for the first time on a 150 mile ride. Just ate some Mini Cheddars for the sensation of eating and Tailwind throughout the ride using Caffeinated for the last 2 hours. I felt good for the whole ride, did not run out of energy and had no cramps at all. Well impressed and need to order more.

David Lewis - May 22nd, 2018

"Great flavour, can use all day long!"
Currently using for long bike rides and runs as part of Ironman training. Prepare a couple of bottles for the bike with the multi serve and take a couple of stick packs to add to water after a few hours to finish off the bike and run. Never feel hungry and have lots of energy for the run as well.


Elspeth Cochrane - May 21st, 2018

"Tailwind stickpacks"
I have sampled tailwind during endurance training and for an event. Extremely easy and pleasant to use and absolutely no stomach issues. I will continue to use this product for my Ironman training and forthcoming event.

Daniel Evans - May 21st, 2018

"‘Little and often’"

As a keen triathlete training for endurance distances, I recently went on a group ride and found my nutrition strategy leaving me feeling sluggish and Ill. Friends recommended tailwind as ‘easy on your stomach’ and so I got some to try. Sipping little and often throughout my first training ride, I had a lot more energy than normal and my stomach felt great. This will definitely be my main nutrition now for training and events.

Bogdan Ene - May 21st, 2018

Yes, you read it right, amazing product, at least for me.
Ordered the starter pack 3 weeks before a half distance triathlon, used it first on a 3,5 hour brick session and I was amazed that my experience was exactly what I was reading in other reviews. Had the race yesterday, 3h on the bike and less than 2 hours on the run, only with Tailwind, gels, salt sticks and water, didn't need anything else. No GI issues or any other upsetting issues. Now I only need to decide what flavour should I buy because I liked them all, even the plain one :)


Neil Amos - May 10th, 2018

"Tailwind green tea"

Did my first ride out with green tea this week it was a very hot day with a lot of climbing over the Brecon beacons the drink met all my needs very refreshing not to strong in taste well happy with tailwind looking forward to to my next big ride

Brendan Ryan - May 14th, 2018

"Best fuel out there"
I finally got the chance to see would Tailwind endurance fuel live up to all the hype I’ve heard about it and it certainly has won me over. Great tasting no sickly feeling and seems to keep me going stronger for longer. 2.5 hours on the bike and it served me well. I’ll be using this for training and racing from now on. Fast delivery also, thanks very much.


Lynn Connolly - May 11th, 2018

"Worked well on long bike ride"
I used the stickpacks on a recent long ride (70 miles). They provided a good source of energy along with a few food snacks along the way. I ordered the starter pack with a selection of flavours. The berry was lovely - not too overpowering and no after-taste. The lemon, however, was unpleasant and left a chemically taste behind. I will definitely use these products again, but not the lemon one! I've still to try the other flavours, so can't comment on them. The service from Tailwind was excellent - prompt and personal. Thank you.

Daniel Simons - May 9th, 2018

"Best thing I’ve ever bought, really!"
After coming to the end of a few other products i’d been using regularly (high5/SIS gels, caffeinated/carb drink powder) I needed to stock up for a half Ironman I’ve started training for. I saw an advert for tailwind on a Facebook cycling page I follow (i know), but it had been liked by a couple of friends of mine who are serious cyclists giving it a bit more credence than your average advert! After a bedtime read of their website and seeing there was a bit more substance than first expected, I bought the Tailwind Challenge pack the next day. Can’t conplain value wise compared to other retailers and an offer of an event refund if I don’t think it’s better than my last products, what’s to lose?

Roughly a month in and I can honestly say this is the best thing I’ve ever bought. I used to combine gels/carb drink with some solid foods but either lost energy on longer rides or lost my appetite for the stuff I have with me. I was quite stringent about ensuring I ate regularly but still had problems.

I’ve done 40/50/60 mile rides so far and found this stuff to be fantastic, no other foods/gels/drinks used and I’ve had consistent energy with no spikes or bonks, impressive stuff! Currently using the ~3 scoops/hr advice but doubling up per bottle so ~6/bottle over 2 hours and working perfect. I got the berry and tropical caffeinated varieties, only tried berry so far but extremely palatable and mixes easily which is perfect.

I’ve also used it on my long swim days, turbo sessions and spin classes and seen noticable benefits.

In summary well worth buying and on current performance will definitely be buying more when I eventually run out. Can not recommend highly enough!

Diane Brown - May 7th, 2018

"Excellent product"
Lovely chocolates malty fllavour but not over powering. Filled a gap and I didn't feel the usual need to eat anything not nailed down. Used after a 100k bike ride. Would buy again and recommend to others.


Will Hunt Vincent - May 8th, 2018


"Tailwind for triathlon"
Been using Tailwind for triathlon training for about a year now. So far, can't fault it. Need to experiment with quantities now I'm upping my distances, but looking to be a massive help.


Andy Petford - May 4th, 2018


"New Nutrition"
I have been trailing various types of nutrition in readiness for Ironman UK in July. Previously using a mix of gels and drink supplements I wanted a simpler option. Having tried Tailwind over a few rides and runs I have found it to hit the spot and didn't cause any issues with digestion. It tastes great as well. I'll definitely be using this as my nutrition for my next race.

Nigel Johnson - May 1st, 2018

Does exactly what it says on the pack!"
After reading some great stuff about Tailwind I thought I would give it a try during the training I am doing for a 70.3 triathlon. I have tried various flavours, caffeinated and not, and found them all fantastic. So much easier than faffing with gels,the all in one solution of hydration, electrolyte and energy in the drink bottle works perfectly. I'll definitely be ordering more and would suggest you give it a try if you're interested. Oh, and the personalised handwritten note in the box it came in was a great touch too!

Louise Rayner Vine - April 27th, 2018

So far, so brilliant!"
Amazingly quick delivery service - always a great start when ordering a product online. Tried two flavours so far - both good, favourite is the lemon but looking forward to berry too. Felt good during bike ride and will be using them for much longer rides this weekend.

Louella O'herlihy - April 23rd, 2018

"Challenge accepted!"
Only started using Tailwind last week...for two 3 hour bike rides and some shorter turbo sessions! Fabulous so far, loving the Berry flavour and looking forward to my Swashbuckler Middle distance Triathlon coming up in May. Just working out what to do on the run re nutrition as I don't carry bottles.


Jonathan Britt - April 23rd, 2018

"Tailwind raspberry buzz stickpack"
Having used the tailwind endurance fuel berry flavour before , I was interested to try the caffeinated version .As before mixed very easily ,pleasant but not overpowering flavour .Convenient stickpack useful for single use . Seems to work well used towards the end of several long cycle rides /runs with good effect.


Chris Holmes - April 4th, 2018

"So glad I discovered this product"
Currently training for an Ironman and was really struggling with correct fueling on the bike. My stomach has always been pretty accepting of anything so “gut bombs” weren’t an issue but it was more the logistics of solid food, having to prepare and carry it and usually having to stop to eat. The pros make eating while riding look easy but trying to eat something one-handed while dodging potholes and cars seemingly intent on taking me out etc isn’t my idea of fun. The taste and texture of gels make me gag so I’ve never been a fan and previously used jelly beans for marathon training, although by the latter stages the overwhelming sweetness also made them difficult to get down.

Someone on a twitter tri/run feed mentioned tailwind and I thought I’d give it a go. I ordered the green tea flavour as it gave a caffeine boost (every little helps!) and was pleased to find it’s a pleasant flavour and despite putting 400cals worth in 750ml bottle of water it didn’t taste overly sweet.

I followed the advice of sipping little and often and felt that it stopped any dips in energy levels and I was able to maintain steady effort throughout my 4.5hr ride.

I also ordered a multi-pack to test the other flavours and so far have tried the orange one, also very pleasant. They have the benefit of having 200cals worth in a packet size similar to a gel, so for longer rides I plan to take a couple in my jersey and can top up when I stop to refill water bottles.

Would highly recommend the product to anyone. customer service also spot on.

Daire Fitzgerald - April 23rd, 2018

"Great product"
I have trained all my life and in the last year and a half found triathlon. I have struggled a lot with cramp, especially, quad cramp on bike and run. Thought I’d give tailwind a try based on a recommendation and I have been pleasantly surprised so far.

I haven’t needed any other nutrition (bars or the like) on longer rides either it definitely keeps you satiated. 
Highly recommend, tastes great too


Catherine Matthews - April 10th, 2018

"First time used - worked well"
Tailwind was recommended to me, and I was keen to try it out as fuel for my first ironman. I used it on a 4 hour bike ride at the weekend, and was very happy - it kept me feeling full of energy at not hungry at any time. Looking forward to using this for longer rides.


Sarah Morgan - April 3rd, 2018

"Well worth the wait!"
I’ve been using tailwind for the last 2 years and it’s successfully fuelled me for Ironman Wales twice, awesome product! As you can guess I was very keen to try the rebuild and it did not disappoint! It has a lovely chocolate, coconut taste that felt like a real post exercise treat as well as all the benefits for my hardworking, aching muscles. Easter weekend involved a very tough 80mile bike ride and a 10mile run, rebuild kept the legs running smoothly, one happy customer! Highly recommend :)


Darren Talbot - April 2nd, 2018

"Best bike nutrition ever..."
Had huge problems last year on both my 330km single day (16 hour+) rides - the usual, gut bombs, then started throwing up. Completed one, but DNF on the other.

Did a Knights of Sufferlandia ((Sufferfest) ride recently (11 hours) using tailwind (a half bag a friend had given me to try). Was amazed at the difference. No gut bomb, even liked the taste!

Am going to do the 2 rides again this year, will be filling up with Tailwind and carrying a few of the individual sachets with me to keep topped up.

Thanks guys - awesome stuff!