Known as the ‘toughest, and one of the most iconic, footraces on Earth’, the Dragon’s Back race follows the mountainous spine of Wales from north to south. Covering 380km (236 miles) and 17,400m of elevation, I bet your jaw just dropped like mine did.   

One of our amazing customers, John, took part this year and gave us permission to share his story of how he got on…

“I completed The Dragons Back 2022, which was only possible for me with your fantastic product. I filled 3 bottles with 2x scoops each from a pouch at the start of the day, then used stickpacks from my running vest and drop bag. That was all the nutrition I needed for the first 10 hours each day! I usually finished the final 2-3 hours with water and gels. My energy levels were really good and no stomach issues at all. The only thing that slowed me down were numerous blisters which are almost inevitable after 6 days (77 hours) of mountainous, wet terrain. Thanks for enabling me to achieve my ultimate running goal. I recommend you all the time”.

So, at least now we know a dragon’s kryptonite is… Tailwind?

Thanks for sharing, John, we’re all in awe at Tailwind Towers!

Have you used Tailwind to help power you through a race or event? Let us know in the comments below or share the full story using our contact form and we might just feature yours on the blog next time!

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Great racing John, always loved the look of this race. Recover well 🙏


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