Tailwind at Races

We are delighted to say that several Race Directors have chosen to supply their thirsty runners with Tailwind on the aid stations.

May 7th Thames Path 100

May 7th GB Ultras Pennine Barrier GBultras
May 21st  North Downs Way 50

May 28th Chester 100 GBultras
June 11th Ultra Scotland 50 GBultras
June 11th Ultra Scotland 100 GBultras
June 14th South Downs Way 100

July 16th Wendover Woods Night  50Km

July 23rd Beacons Way 100Km GBultras
July 23rd Beacons Way 100m GBultras
August 6th North Downs Way 100

August 13th Race across Scotland 215m GBultras
September 17th Chiltern Wonderland 50

October 15th Autumn 100

October 25th South Downs Way 50

November 12th Wendover Woods 50