Nutrition Science

Nutrition science can be complicated, that's why we've employed the help of our in-house nutrition student Laura to summarise and explain what's going on in Tailwind, and how it's mathematically crafted make-up helps you achieve your best, all day long.



Tailwind mimics the composition of sweat:

Sodium: 0.9 gram/litre
Potassium: 0.2 g/l
Calcium: 0.015 g/l
Magnesium: 0.0013 g/l

Most drinks only contain about 15% of what you need, and then you need to supplement with salt pills

Most folks think of cramping when it comes to sodium, but the real reason to include sodium is that it activates the glucose and fructose transport mechanism. The glucose and fructose are transported across the cell to power the muscles, but when you introduce sodium, not only is a glucose and fructose molecule transported, but a water molecule as well. This means you get more hydrated when taking sodium with your drink



Calcium's primary role is structural, around 99% of calcium is found in bones and teeth. A prolonged calcium deficiency will increase the risk of low bone mineral density and stress fractures in athletes.

It is also an essential mineral for muscle function and contraction as well as being essential for synthesis and breakdown of glycogen fuel stores in your muscles.



Sodium citrate is added to the Tailwind Nutrition products to act as a pH regulator. When the muscles are working for extended periods of time, muscle pH will decrease and cramps take effect.

The role of sodium citrate is to delay the effects of this lowering pH and prevent the build up of lactic acid in the athletes muscles to help reduce cramps and allow them to run, cycle or row for longer.



Many folk underestimate the importance of taste and texture…until they are in their 3rd hour.

Most drinks on the market are overly sweet which taste great during the first 2 hours, but give you the “gag reflex” after those initial hours. The worse outcome then happens: you don’t drink which means you aren’t taking in calories, electrolytes, or water

Tailwind has a mild, clean taste that you can drink all day without getting sick of it




Sodium is needed in the body for a number of reasons, the most important for endurance athletes is its role in the maintenance of extracellular fluid volume which influences the hydration of an athlete.

It is also important for the uptake of nutrients such as carbohydrates  and protein.

During extended periods of exercise it is important that sodium levels are replenished. As the bodies sodium concentration falls ECF (extracellular fluid) falls which can have detrimental effects to the bodies cells. Physiologically this will present as dizziness and faintness. 



Potassium is essential for the acid-base regulation and to maintain the electrophysiology of nerves and muscles. A deficiency in potassium (caused by prolonged sweating during physical activity) can alter the electrophysiological characteristics of cell membranes causing weakness of the skeletal muscles.



Magnesium works closely with calcium, while calcium is important for the contraction of your muscles, magnesium helps them relax. Therefore, it is clear how important the combination of both calcium and magnesium is for healthy muscle function.



Protein has been shown to be a major contributor to GI distress

Important for recovery and as part of your overall nutrition plan, but not during your activity (unless it’s multi-day and you take protein during your downtime).



Tailwind was formulated with special attention to being easy on the gut

  • Simple vs complex carbs = easy on the gut (GI system doesn’t need to break down complex carbs to simple carbs)
  • No protein = easy on the gut (GI system doesn’t need to convert a long chain complex molecule to glucose)
  • Won’t overload the gut: once you dial in you caloric intake/hour, it is difficult to mess-up. Drink 1 bottle of Tailwind with your caloric intake/hour and you are good.
  • Optimal ratio of glucose:fructose. No fear of fructose malabsorption
  • Mild taste: no gag reflex that makes your stomach say “no”


​If your not convinced by the above take a look at the reviews page and see what UK users have to say.